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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Journey Part 2

No this has nothing to do with the fact that I have turned 50 as of today!!! These pictures were taken on my "Vision Quest 2011" This is an old cemetery outside of Sutter Creek.. I think old cemeteries have a certain grace about them. The history is written right there. Loving father, devoted wife, cherished child or a war veteran... This cemetery goes back 150+ years!!! One family lost 6 children in a 4 year time period!!! How hard life must of been in the harsh winters in the middle of nowhere supplies only coming in once a month weather permitting. Now we consider life hard if we have to do dishes by hand.

So I have extended my Vision Quest... I don't know for how long just am... I was in the grocery store buying some birthday candles for my son Aarons birthday which is this Friday... This little old lady had a walker one with a seat and she was facing me and said "Oh I love birthdays" Whose  birthday is it? I said me son and my birthday was soon also. How old will you  be I said 50 with a sigh... You would of thought I just told her she won a million dollars!! She was excited clapped her hands together and said I LOVED MY 50's!!! She continued on how she remembers them so well, I'm thinking I can't remember last week yet alone my 40's...She looked so sweet and cute, big smile on her face, I'm thinking the 1950's?? or your 50's:) She went on to say that was when her life started, kids were grown and she got to do what she wanted.The bagger asked if she needed help out to her car and she said well the bags ain't goin load themselves!!! She had on a mixed match outfit on and one pantyhose up and the other around her ankle.. One thought I had was what was keeping that one pantyhose up?? As she turned to leave she said "enjoy your 50's because... the cashier asked me a question and the one time I didn't want my ADD to fail me it did. She waved and winked and shuffled out and in my head I screaming WAIT I need to know what comes after the because... because your 60's will  suck,  because you get to wear and say what you want without that censor in your head nope don't say that..... BECAUSE WHY!!!

Well the world didn't explode at midnight... thats saying something because I was pretty sure it was going to.. Sooo my "Vsion Quest 2011" continues and I am going to make the best out of it all:) This is the year I will do what I want one of things is expand my Sweet Vintage Home and Garden business it is something I love love to do:) and isn't thats what life is about doing what you love........ So three things I am going to do starting today
1. Just be
2.  be kinder
3. laugh more even at my own expense

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Monday, April 11, 2011

A Journey... Part 1

 I have not been very good about blogging these past few weeks ok almost like a month... I did 2 extra shows this month and I was busy with my other job.. Real Estate.. Time seems to fly when you about to turn 50, "it" happens this Wednesday...Its funny I have never cared about turning a certain number till now.. Not haha funny either..

Sooo I went on a little "Vision Quest" Though my daughter explained to me that the Native Americans vision quest sent them into the woods with no supplies and pretty much hopped up on peyote, she also point out I do not like creepy crawlers, sleeping on hard surfaces or am I very fond of cold weather. All very true!!!  I guess it was more like checking off something I have wanted to do for 10 years..  I went up north first to Los Banos a small town we lived in when my father was working on the dam there. I have many fond memories there.. Such a different time in the world.. I picked up my girlfriend and off to Sutter Creek and to as my picture says Daffodil Hill. It is an old ranch from the early 1800's the owner was from Holland and he planted thousands of daffodils, the family continues to open it up to the public, it is a short season usually 3 weeks.They also plant 5000 new bulbs every year. A few days before I went there was a late season snow/hail storm and the daffodils were still a bit shall we say dazed... It was still amazing and I am thrilled that I got this wonderful opportunity. My dear sweet friend Donna indulged me every time I wanted to stop take pictures or rummage through (some would call them) junk stores though I prefer to call them treasure stores:)... I shopped along the way and I found some very lovely treasures for my next show which is coming up on April 30th.. In Huntington Beach, the show is called Behind The Pickett Fence!!
This is my first time doing this show so it should be interesting, I am excited!!!

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ps.. Absolutely no idea how I changed half of the font??? Part 2 coming soon!!!