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Friday, November 25, 2011


A look at our Thanksgiving brunch....
So thankful

We only get to see this beauty when the tide is out
Again so thankful....

Thanksgiving morning

REALLY.... these colors are amazing!!!
Again only when the tide is out do we get to experience this nature....

My Thanksgiving morning started with a brunch at home it was suppose to be just
a small thing but I never seem to be able to cook/bake small:) Then my sweet daughter Sarah her boyfriend Zach and I took a stroll on the sand. It was an amazing day looked like maybe rain but nothing ever happened.... The tide was way way out and we explored one of the jetties and this is what we found!!! I love the contrast between the sea grass and the starfish I think the colors are amazing!!! Well so I thought and then I found this purple and aqua contrast... SOOOO YUMMY!!!
WOW I am so thankful for nature!!!

The china I use is from my childhood. It was my grandmothers Juanita... I was very close to my grandmother, I still can smell her home how warm and inviting it always was:) I was in my mid 40's when she passed away I remember friends would say.. you still have a grandparent alive??? I had never really thought of it, it just seemed so natural to have her... She taught me so many things and showed me how to live with grace and dignity and still have fun... I am so thankful for all the time I had with her... I have some of her Halloween decorations and Christmas, they always bring a smile to my heart...  I know she is where I learned about charity and how helping others is so important, because of her I volunteer with hospice... I am thankful for that. I better move along before I get too teary eyed:)

It has been a year... Unlike any other ( the whole 50 thingy) still stinging a bit:) I am thankful though that I got to turn 50, my time with my doodlebug and with my dad.. The list can can go on and on.. Like all of us have we have many people experiences and things to be thankful and grateful for..
I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Like a river...

Soo I was going through my pictures looking for the ones I took today of my space at American Home and Garden and came across this wonderful picture of my sweet little Maxie sound asleep.... All of a sudden what my space looked like or the fun vintage items just did not seem so important... ( sorry Kathee) I had taken pictures of your wonderful treasures... I promise to post soon:)

This picture reminded me just how fast time goes... This was taken 3 years ago!!! I once read "time is like a relentless river, it knows only to flow without thought of anyone or anything" At times it seems like life is one big rapid as it bounces you along, sometimes holding on for dear life... Other times its a slow lazy ride down a calm river blue skies above and time seems to just move slowly... (Those are my favorite times :)

With the holidays just weeks away and all the hustle and bustle that comes with them, I am looking back to what I said in April... I am going to take my time and enjoy the moments.... I hope you you enjoy the moments too...



Monday, October 24, 2011

Bragging Rights....

My handsome son:)
Singer Sewing base table....

OK so my first picture is my handsome son Aaron, I admit I am VERY bias:)
He would probably die if he knew that I posted this... but I am his mum and I am so very proud of him:) This was taken the day he went for his interview with the Ventura County Fire Hand crew... He got the job!!!! He has been working for 2 two long years to get to this place....:)

As I promised the picture of the Singer sewing base table.... I love this table though it has already sold... plus another one in white.. I am on the hunt for another base!! This picture was taken at my last show. My Halloween items flew out the door.. I had a lot of fun glittering though there is black glitter EVERYWHERE in my house and backyard!!!

 Seems impossible that Halloween is next week and before you know Thanksgiving then Christmas!!! I have been very busy making really sweet Christmas trees will post pictures soon:)

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Fall Southern California Style....

A peek at my vendor space at
American Home and Garden

Sweet Vintage Dresser

A very lovely vintage birdbath

It has been a while since my last posting... sorry but part of my "vision quest" is to take the time to enjoy my life without the craziness... Spent a good part of my summer with my sweet grandson Maxie. Shopped a lot for my online shop and my space at American Home and Garden. Took several mini trips with my dad Lenny, Yuma AZ, San Diego, Los Banos to fish and to the Sultan Sea because he remembered it from the 1950's... (which was very depressing) Look up the Sultan Sea....

As true Southern California style our fall is our summer... We finally have our warm sunny days. You can see the Channel Islands the ocean sparkles the sky is a beautiful blue oh and did I mention the sun.. Our summers can be a bit dreary at times..

I will post pictures of the projects I have been working on.. One of my favorites is an old Singer sewing machine base to make a table... plus my lavender soap making has taking on a life of its own:) a yummy one:)

Cheers for now


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sweet Summer

Roses and Liliacs
from my garden

Seems impossible that August is just a day away!!! where does the time go???
I am just about settled into my new spot in American Home and Garden, my space is slowly getting to where I want it... Good news is as soon as I bring a piece of furniture in it sells:) Two times I do not even have the item off the dolly and it has been bought!! The other part to this "good news" is that I get go hunt for more wonderful treasures for my sweet clients! A win win for me:)
I am going to go to New Hampshire to see my little sissy and to treasure hunt..

My soap making is coming along, I wish I could share the smell of the lavender.. Sooo amazing... Very yummy. I am working on the packaging now I promise to share photos soon...

My dear sweet friend Rose recommended a book for me to read, "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp on the cover it says
"A dare to LIVE FULLY right where you are" As you know I am on my Vision Quest and a big part of that has been learning to enjoy my life to live more fully to be more in the moment... to just be.. THIS is what this book is about!!! I am about half way through funny how things just turn up... It is also about grace how does one have grace when so many terrible things happen in the world, in ones own life?? She talks about by hurrying up and getting more things done that you are saving time but really you are losing time because you are not in the moment.. you are losing precious minutes.. Makes you think...

Have a wonderful Sunday


Thursday, July 7, 2011


Lucky us....

Lucky me....
I have to say that I truly live in a very beautiful town!!! Our sunset was beyond
words tonight!!! Maxie and I took a sunset trip to the beach and this is what we got!!! Max said "boy Gigi God can sure paint good" That doodleboy:) This is part of my "Vision Quest" spending more time looking for sandcrabs, exploring the jetties looking for starfish with Max...

In April I said I am on my "Vision Quest" for what does being 50 really mean.. Where do I go from here... I have gotten many emails from old friends and  new blogger friends expressing what 50 meant to them.. I would say 100% said that is when they started living their lives for themselves!!! Taking the time to enjoy things that make them happy... I really thought about what makes me happy and I mean really really happy... you know that feeling in your tummy happiness??? Well of coarse my Maxie is right up on that list... But that is such a no brainer... I am a little bias:) I started to write down what makes me happy and the list was over 100 things!!!!

Part of the my quest is knowing when something doesn't make me  happy and I have learned in the last month that it's ok to change it and that made me really happy:) Life has a funny way of just going on... either you are aware or you are just bumping along... and I realized at times I have been just bumping along... So this whole turning 50 thing is actually helping me figure some things out making some changes and seriously loving my life!!!!

Cheers for now...

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sweet Lavender

I went lavender picking on Sunday.... The moment I opened the car door the aroma of the lavender was so thick in the air it was amazing!!!!

The fields were amazing....

The colors were amazing....

There were bees everywhere, busy working.. It was a very lovely day. On the way home we stopped at this little fruit stand that was on the honor system... gotta love small towns:) The organic apricots were amazing!!!

I am making my own lavender soap... will let you know how it turns out...



Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sweet Vintage...

Just did the show the Little French Flea Market... Lots of fun as always love seeing
my friends from this show:)
I had this sweet cabinet that I painted the yummiest blue ever inside, I had so many people come by
saying that it caught their eye with the beautiful milk glass inside.. The cabinet sold as did much of the lovely
milk glass... Then I have the fabulous from the 1950's owl bird bath oh my gosh sooo cute..... Though my daughter had a thought... she said aren't owls suppose to scare birds away... uumm???
 It was a great day since this is inland the weather turned out to be wonderful, living by the coast right now is not so fun we are having our famous "June Gloom" it gets pretty old after awhile...
This is my favorite show!!!

My vision quest continues my daughter and I took a little trip up to Monterey (one of my favorite places!!!) and we had a great time... I found lots of sweet treasures.... ie the owl bird bath was one of them... It rained a good part of our stay there but we still got out and saw the sights another one of my favorite spots right next door is Pacific Grove just a darling little town. The history here is very interesting. The canneries the Spanish just all of it... The ocean is the most beautiful color such a deep and rich blue and when the waves break with the snow white foam it is just amazing. 
 The contrast between the white and blue is breath taking as the waves hit the huge rock formations in the ocean and the water flows back down to begin its journey again....

Cheers for now


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Show....



So I had this idea to take before and after pictures at the Irvine Flea Market...
The before setup picture was easy ... the after not so easy... that is to remember to take!! 
It was super windy so my friend Rose and I could not put up the awning. We got busy before we were even close to having everything out. Trust me I am not complaining about being busy!!! My grand plan did not go as I had wanted but it was a fun filled selling kind of day!!!! Which is good..... I love doing shows with Rose, she is one of the sweetest people I know and soooo talented.. she makes these incredible pillows.. which of coarse I don't have any pictures of:(

I have been very busy getting ready for my shows in June... With our weather lately its a bit challenging to paint and create outside... I have some new ideas busy making jewelry using broken vintage jewelry and combining it with new... My daughter Sarah has been helping me to create and to think outside of the box.. I think we have some really cool pieces... I will post those pictures in a few days... I would love to hear your comments when I post them..

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Maxie and Spring:)

So my promise to do better at updating my blog... well didn't pan out the way I had hoped... Soooo it's a new month and I am up and running again!!!! Maxie and I had a very fun day baking and decorating the Spring Baskets and the colored eggs... You should of seen the cupcake he decorated for himself:) His original plan was to put icing on the cupcake then the jelly beans and candies THEN another layer of icing.. I nixed that idea, after all he was spending the night with me..... Gigi wanted to get some sleep:)

The past 3 weeks have been jammed pack with getting ready for shows working on special orders and then doing the shows.. whew its been busy... Last weekend I did a Saturday show in Huntington Beach and then on Sunday a show in Irvine. They were both great fun and very busy... I will post pictures from those shows soon.

If you haven't been by my web store please stop by... http://www.sweetvintagehomeandgarden.com/...

Thanks for stopping by........


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Journey Part 2

No this has nothing to do with the fact that I have turned 50 as of today!!! These pictures were taken on my "Vision Quest 2011" This is an old cemetery outside of Sutter Creek.. I think old cemeteries have a certain grace about them. The history is written right there. Loving father, devoted wife, cherished child or a war veteran... This cemetery goes back 150+ years!!! One family lost 6 children in a 4 year time period!!! How hard life must of been in the harsh winters in the middle of nowhere supplies only coming in once a month weather permitting. Now we consider life hard if we have to do dishes by hand.

So I have extended my Vision Quest... I don't know for how long just am... I was in the grocery store buying some birthday candles for my son Aarons birthday which is this Friday... This little old lady had a walker one with a seat and she was facing me and said "Oh I love birthdays" Whose  birthday is it? I said me son and my birthday was soon also. How old will you  be I said 50 with a sigh... You would of thought I just told her she won a million dollars!! She was excited clapped her hands together and said I LOVED MY 50's!!! She continued on how she remembers them so well, I'm thinking I can't remember last week yet alone my 40's...She looked so sweet and cute, big smile on her face, I'm thinking the 1950's?? or your 50's:) She went on to say that was when her life started, kids were grown and she got to do what she wanted.The bagger asked if she needed help out to her car and she said well the bags ain't goin load themselves!!! She had on a mixed match outfit on and one pantyhose up and the other around her ankle.. One thought I had was what was keeping that one pantyhose up?? As she turned to leave she said "enjoy your 50's because... the cashier asked me a question and the one time I didn't want my ADD to fail me it did. She waved and winked and shuffled out and in my head I screaming WAIT I need to know what comes after the because... because your 60's will  suck,  because you get to wear and say what you want without that censor in your head nope don't say that..... BECAUSE WHY!!!

Well the world didn't explode at midnight... thats saying something because I was pretty sure it was going to.. Sooo my "Vsion Quest 2011" continues and I am going to make the best out of it all:) This is the year I will do what I want one of things is expand my Sweet Vintage Home and Garden business it is something I love love to do:) and isn't thats what life is about doing what you love........ So three things I am going to do starting today
1. Just be
2.  be kinder
3. laugh more even at my own expense

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Monday, April 11, 2011

A Journey... Part 1

 I have not been very good about blogging these past few weeks ok almost like a month... I did 2 extra shows this month and I was busy with my other job.. Real Estate.. Time seems to fly when you about to turn 50, "it" happens this Wednesday...Its funny I have never cared about turning a certain number till now.. Not haha funny either..

Sooo I went on a little "Vision Quest" Though my daughter explained to me that the Native Americans vision quest sent them into the woods with no supplies and pretty much hopped up on peyote, she also point out I do not like creepy crawlers, sleeping on hard surfaces or am I very fond of cold weather. All very true!!!  I guess it was more like checking off something I have wanted to do for 10 years..  I went up north first to Los Banos a small town we lived in when my father was working on the dam there. I have many fond memories there.. Such a different time in the world.. I picked up my girlfriend and off to Sutter Creek and to as my picture says Daffodil Hill. It is an old ranch from the early 1800's the owner was from Holland and he planted thousands of daffodils, the family continues to open it up to the public, it is a short season usually 3 weeks.They also plant 5000 new bulbs every year. A few days before I went there was a late season snow/hail storm and the daffodils were still a bit shall we say dazed... It was still amazing and I am thrilled that I got this wonderful opportunity. My dear sweet friend Donna indulged me every time I wanted to stop take pictures or rummage through (some would call them) junk stores though I prefer to call them treasure stores:)... I shopped along the way and I found some very lovely treasures for my next show which is coming up on April 30th.. In Huntington Beach, the show is called Behind The Pickett Fence!!
This is my first time doing this show so it should be interesting, I am excited!!!

Thanks for stopping by:)

ps.. Absolutely no idea how I changed half of the font??? Part 2 coming soon!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rainy Lazy Day

We had an unexpected visitor today.. A female Canada Goose!!! So whats so strange about that?? Well in southern California it's just not that usual... She hung around all day and just before dusk a male Canada Goose flew in and then they flew off together!!!! It was as if she was waiting for him to come for her... Of coarse Doodleboy wanted to keep her as a pet..
We found out a few things about what a goose likes to eat and not eat..
 Loved: stawberries, wheat bread and lettuce
Disliked: tofu, crackers and grilled cheese sandwiches
Luckily when the rain stopped he found a caterpillar to "keep" as a pet.. he found a nice safe bush for it to become a beautiful butterfly.. It is so cool to see the world through his eyes.. Everything is so simple so easy and SO amazing:) AND I love every second that I get to share with him:)

Well it's back to work for me lots of things to get ready for my space at Vintage Pleasures in Fillmore and I have 3 shows coming up:)

Thanks for stopping by:)


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sunny Tuesday news!!!

The Little French Flea Market was this past weekend... It is always such a fun show to do!!! The venue is awesome set in a sweet park and its always so much fun seeing my friends and meeting new ones:)... The weather was wonderful... Thank goodness no rain!!!!
I am trying a little something new I am going into a store in Fillmore named "Vintage Pleasures" it is a darling store on the main street in Fillmore... The downtown is sweet!! I will take pictures and share!!! Fillmore has a train Depot and they have many events like Thomas The Train, there is a dinner train and in the fall they have pumpkin patch rides and scary train ride and many other events. I will still be doing shows...

I will be sharing a new how to do project this week so keep checking in!!!

Thanks for stopping by:)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Who makes me smile:)

Whenever life gets a bit challenging I spend some time with my doodlebug Max my darling grandson:)
Speaking of challenging  February has been a bit challenging on a few fronts!!
 The weather has not cooperated for two shows I did... Down pour is an understatement!!!
Then my beautiful blog went away?? Still trying to find it and reinstall so I am using this template for now, then my cell phone of 3 years betrayed me and died.. The worst my poor Lenny fell going out to the front porch.. well he fell off the porch and refused to go to the doctor for 10 days. I finally tricked him into going to the doctors and he has fractured his shoulder and his upper arm!!! We go to the orthopedic tomorrow to see what can and needs to be done...

I have a show coming up on March 5th,  I have been busy finding new treasures, painting and sewing.. It's The Little french Flea Market in Trazana Ca.It is my favorite show to do. It is set in a sweet garden with a pond that is home to the largest Koi I have ever seen!!! Say a prayer for no rain on March 5th!!

I will be posting pictures in the next few days of the wonder new treasures I have found..
Have a great week


Monday, January 31, 2011

Hello February

 St.Valentines Day is one of my most favorite days!!!!

I have been busy the past few weeks getting my Valentines ready for the VA hospital
down in Los Angeles. I make 300 Valentines by hand for the vets that are in the hospital.
The VA also has a picnic that weekend so I hand out Valentines to the vets that come. There are
many homeless vets and it breaks my heart to meet these men that gave so much for our country.
They are always so surprised, some ask for a hug, some get teary eyed... (Me I get very teary eyed)
I have been doing this for the past 4 years. How I came up with this idea is that I take
my dad Lenny down to the VA for his doctor appointments and saw soooo
many vets that never have visitors:(  I want the vets to know there are people that do care...
I hope you all have a wonderful week... Thanks for stopping by:)

Cheers for now

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

OH MY GOSH... I love love this picture..
 The colors and  pure sweetness are just so wonderful.
I would like to think that when we sleep we are surrounded
by such sweetness!!!

I want to say Thank You to everyone that has encouraged me on this
adventure in my life. It was been amazing!!!
My online store is filling up with many wonderful treasures...
I will be reopening on January 15th!!! My first show will be in Ventura January 30th
 I am really excited to share the many new yummies I have found.

I am offering anyone that signs up OR recommends a friend to follow my blog
a special little treat!!! I would love to hear your comments...

Cheers for now