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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Garden Wonder

First morning light
1 hour later

I love mornings, the quietness the anticipation's of what this new day will bring!! Its a new start everyday and you can decide what your attitude will bring to you... That's a wonderful thing in my book!!! Across the street from my sweet home is a elementary school. I love watching the children arriving in the mornings... They are so excited for the day, I hear their laughter and sometimes if the breeze is just right you can hear them sing... At Halloween they have their costume parade through the hallways it is sweet to watch. On some Fridays they have pajama day.. Then the end of the school year comes and you hear I will miss you teacher... and some cry I suppose summer break feels like a million years for these sweet souls. I know as a child summer seemed to never end and then the school year seemed to drag on:)

  I have this bird bath as you can see and this crow comes to it throughout the day.. Drinks out of it or baths... though the one thing it does that I find interesting is that Mr. Crow soaks its food in it. He will drop whatever it is in the water sometimes flips it around and other times drops it to soak and flies off to a nearby tree to keep a watchful eye on his lunch... I am reminded to have patience, Mr. Crow does he waits for whatever he soaking to be just right.. How many times have I rushed something just because I wanted it now....

Well I totally got off my intended subject:) I guess it is meant for another day...

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