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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Remembering those who gave their lives...

This is a very important day that ALL Americans regardless of your politically views should honor.. Many men and women serve our country and sadly many many have given there life and still on a daily bases give their lives.... Memorial Day is a very special day.... a day to remember and honor all the men and women who gave their lives

 Our freedom is not without a price.

A little know fact.... I was in the Army, I joined when I was 19, my brother had already enlisted and told me how great it was... Though we have a very different view on "great" it was one of the best things I ever did!!! It was not easy.. Basic Training was very hard but I made it through and along the way I have made some life long friends.. I was in the first platoon of women to ever train with men at Fort Dix New Jersey.. I marched and marched I dug foxholes and then slept in the foxholes... I threw live grenades (not one of my strong points)  I was an expert marksman with the M-16.. I learned a lot in my 2 years in the Army and I can tell you that I am proud that I served our great country!!!

Please take time to thank a member of the military they ARE sacrificing their lives for our freedom...


I realize that patriotism is not enough. I must have no hatred or bitterness towards anyone.
Edith Cavell

Monday, May 14, 2012


a moment of silence please....

Have you ever had "One of those days" I mean really really one of those days??? Well I experienced
 one of "those" days today.... Above is a picture of my beloved Rachel Ashwell duvet... that has met its end as a duvet:( My son had gotten it out of the loft for me yesterday as I was going to change out my bedroom duvet.... I love love this pattern... Plus there is a story behind it...

Several years ago I was very ill and had to be in bed for awhile... One day my sweet hubby asked what would make you feel better and in a magazine I had on the bed I pointed to this beautiful bedroom and I said this... So a few days later we drove to Rachel Ashwells store in Malibu and I got whatever I wanted.. My hubby jokingly said a trip to Hawaii would of been cheaper:) ok on to today..

Lenny apparently was cold (70+ degrees outside) turned on the heater in my studio the bag with duvet was next to the heater and the rest is history... A we never use that heater B REALLY!!!! It was burned through and through ... Lenny felt very bad... So this after it took me 1 hour to clean the stove top because Lenny made his famous stuffed cabbage... 1HOUR!!! So as if that's not a enough as I drove around today I thought wow the car smells really good, my son gets in the car and said wow mom something smells really good in here... I get home went to get something out of the back and guess what??? A whole container of Tide detergent had opened and yes it was everywhere...

Looking forward to going to bed:) Tomorrow will be fantastic.....


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!!!!

Our Doodleboy!!!!
This has to be one of my favorite photos of my favorite guy:) My Maxie his sweet toothless grin!!!
Happy Mother's Day to his mommy my daughter in law Amy, what a joy you and Cory brought to our family!!! Max is truly a blessing!!!!

Cory Aaron and Sarah

Where does the time go??? Just when I start pumping the brakes of life.... everything seems to speed up!!! Being a mommy has been such a joy to me... My children have brought me much joy happiness and lots of giggles to my life.... Time has a way of just marching on!!! :(

I have many many wonderful memories of my childhood with my grandma!!! She was the best and though 12 years have pasted I miss her just as much as ever.... Remember to enjoy each day even though some days are harder than others they are still blesings...

I went on a road trip this past week and met some wonderful people and found some really fantastic items!!! Will post later this week....



Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"May Gray"

As much as I love my little sleepy beach town... not so fond of the "May Gray" as it is called.... After "May Gray" we get "June Gloom" so basically for the next 60 day its overcast but if we are lucky we will get a tiny weenie bit of sunshine in the late afternoon... but with the little sun comes the wind... which makes painting a bit challenging!!!

The good news is that I have several shows coming up that are inland and that means sunny warm weather!!! The Little French Flea Market is coming fast May 19th... If you live in the area its a must stop by!!! So many sweet vendors and lovely lovely items!!!

I have been very busy getting ready for this show, I have lots of great furniture, pictures will be posted soon!!! I have found some fabulous linens vintage jewelry and creamy white pitchers (one of my new favorite items).... Stop by soon

hope you have a fantastic day!!!