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Monday, July 20, 2015

Meet Miss Ann part 1 of 3

Miss Ann

I would like you meet Miss Ann… In my travels of hunting for the wonderful lovelies that I find I get to meet a lot of amazing people usually women and Miss Ann Is one of them..

She is just shy of 98 years young and she still has a vintage store that she runs next to her home. She is located in a small town, Los Banos Ca. I met Miss Ann about 3 years ago on a very hot summers day. Los Banos is located in the Central Valley of California. Usually within the first 20 minutes I get use to the smell of the dairy farms. It’s a quaint little farming town nestled between the coastal mountain range and the Sierras. The fields are planted with alfalfa, tomato’s, cotton and corn. Almond and walnut orchards are just a few of the orchards. In the spring there is a Trail Of Blooms to follow throughout the valley… The San Joaquin Valley has a special beauty to it…

Miss Ann and her husband Charlie moved to Ca because of the dust bowl, they had heard California had water!!! Her father moved with them, her mother passed away at a very young age. When she spoke of her father she started to cry she said he was the most wonderful man aside from her husband Charlie. It was so sweet to see and feel her love for both her husband and father… Miss Ann and Charlie had 2 boys one lives in Colorado and one lives close by.

Miss Ann started her vintage busy by necessity… more to follow in part 2!!!
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Tuesday, December 16, 2014


NCR Trail

Stewartstown Pa first snow fall

It seems impossible that its been since August that I posted. Sometimes life throws you a curve that just takes time to pick yourself up. My sister Celeste passed away very suddenly. She went into the hospital for a tummy ache and 6 days later passed away. She had an infection and didn’t know it. It was quite shocking to have to say good bye to my sister. I miss her like crazy…

I took some time to heal and just be…. I went and visited my sweet daughter Sarah in Pennsylvania we did a lot of hiking on the NCR trail which is beautiful… They had their first snow fall the day before Thanksgiving it was so lovely!!!  Its been many years since I have lived in snow, I forgot how peaceful it is to watch the snow fall…

I have lots of new things starting to happen and I am grateful for the many opportunities that are coming my way!!!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Show Time!!!!

Summer is just flying by… It seems like these days I am constantly saying where does the time go?? I have been busy getting ready for my next show that is coming up a lot faster than I can work to get everything done!!
This a very cozy darling venue in Fallbrook Ca, it can be a bit warm but its in a shady grassy little park… I am excited to be part of this show!! I did this one a few years ago so coming back is like seeing an old friend.
I am staying  true to what I love… Chippy, cottage, shabby and sometimes a bit rusty. I love  love cabbage roses pink and vintage and sprinkled with primitive.. I tried to change a little a bit ago but it just didn’t feel right. If you know what you love stay with that is what I learned … It does shine through!!!
Have a great week!!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Beginnings!!!

I love this flower.. Can’t stay closed up you gotta liveJ
It’s been a bit since I have posted… to be very honest I have not been able to find the words… May marked 1 year since my sweet dad passed away… My heart has been so heavy missing him.. Yesterday morning I was sitting in front of my computer getting ready to post on my blog. My darling grandson Max came in and said  Gigi I just had the best dream ever!!! I said really what was it about?? He looked at me and said well Gigi I don’t want to make you cry… I said why would I cry? He said well it was about grandpa and you cry when we talk about him.. So I said oh babe I won’t cry he looks at me a bit skeptical and said ok… grandpa and I were walking through a forest rock hunting and grandpa was telling me a story about a Indian scout.. That was my dad always had a way of pulling you in with a story.. So as Max was telling me about his dream with that sleepiness of just waking up and what a wonderful dream it was for Max I finally got it… I need to be celebrating my dad’s life not mourning… Leave it to a 10 year old to teach me a lesson on living!! So with that said I am off to celebrating my time with my dad and I finally have peace in my heart…
It seems impossible that summer is in full swing… We have still mornings and the slight ocean breeze in the afternoons and the nights are star studded with the sounds of the ocean waves rolling in… I have lots of new treasures coming and my studio is open for business which has been keeping me busy…
I wish you all an amazing Tuesday thank you for stopping by…  

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thursday Treasures!!

What a fantastic day for picking!! I just happened to stop by a little shop that didn't look like that much from the outside... but the inside was full of some very sweet treasures:) I love the mirror it can be hung either way.. Finding trays, plates or bowls with feet is one of my favorites. So when I saw this Depression Glass footed bowl I was in love!!! The tea cups and saucers are sweet the one has Mother writing in it... BUT finding this picture oh my gosh!!! I just love it, there is a little bee on the flower the sweet bird and of coarse the beautiful flowers..

I just love days like today wasn't really looking it just happened.. the best kind of days!!

Well I am off again... you just never know what you will find!!




Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Garden Wonder

First morning light
1 hour later

I love mornings, the quietness the anticipation's of what this new day will bring!! Its a new start everyday and you can decide what your attitude will bring to you... That's a wonderful thing in my book!!! Across the street from my sweet home is a elementary school. I love watching the children arriving in the mornings... They are so excited for the day, I hear their laughter and sometimes if the breeze is just right you can hear them sing... At Halloween they have their costume parade through the hallways it is sweet to watch. On some Fridays they have pajama day.. Then the end of the school year comes and you hear I will miss you teacher... and some cry I suppose summer break feels like a million years for these sweet souls. I know as a child summer seemed to never end and then the school year seemed to drag on:)

  I have this bird bath as you can see and this crow comes to it throughout the day.. Drinks out of it or baths... though the one thing it does that I find interesting is that Mr. Crow soaks its food in it. He will drop whatever it is in the water sometimes flips it around and other times drops it to soak and flies off to a nearby tree to keep a watchful eye on his lunch... I am reminded to have patience, Mr. Crow does he waits for whatever he soaking to be just right.. How many times have I rushed something just because I wanted it now....

Well I totally got off my intended subject:) I guess it is meant for another day...

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


A little Lavender
Sweet Bunny
Happy March!!!
 I know I am a little early with Spring but I just couldn't wait!!! We finally got some very over due rain here in California... I am so thankful but it was a drop in the bucket.. The good news is that my garden has really gone crazy this winter. My sweet peas and rose bushes continue to bloom and my lavender loves the warm dry weather... but we seriously need the rain!!
Lots has been happening at The Sweet Vintage Cottage B and B... I have had a steady stream of guest for the past two months!!! and March is booking quickly.. I got to host a small 50th birthday brunch for a very sweet lady and 6 of her friends.. For whatever reason I totally blanked on taking pictures of the table!!!
My new project is the backyard... The grass is all gone and now I am planning the flower beds. I am debating on putting up a clothesline?? Nothing like sleeping on freshly dried sheets that have been dried in the sunny sea air!!
I was grateful that the rain helped loosing up the dirt in the backyard, we have a very hard clay base here so its not always easy digging:) This project I have taken before pictures!!!
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