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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


A little Lavender
Sweet Bunny
Happy March!!!
 I know I am a little early with Spring but I just couldn't wait!!! We finally got some very over due rain here in California... I am so thankful but it was a drop in the bucket.. The good news is that my garden has really gone crazy this winter. My sweet peas and rose bushes continue to bloom and my lavender loves the warm dry weather... but we seriously need the rain!!
Lots has been happening at The Sweet Vintage Cottage B and B... I have had a steady stream of guest for the past two months!!! and March is booking quickly.. I got to host a small 50th birthday brunch for a very sweet lady and 6 of her friends.. For whatever reason I totally blanked on taking pictures of the table!!!
My new project is the backyard... The grass is all gone and now I am planning the flower beds. I am debating on putting up a clothesline?? Nothing like sleeping on freshly dried sheets that have been dried in the sunny sea air!!
I was grateful that the rain helped loosing up the dirt in the backyard, we have a very hard clay base here so its not always easy digging:) This project I have taken before pictures!!!
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Monday, February 3, 2014

Pink Monday....

Bird of Beauty
Tried out my IPad for picture taking... not so thrilled with the pictures back to my camera:)
Seems impossible that January has whirled by.. well at least for me it has not so much for my sweet daughter in Pennsylvania and my friends in the Midwest and East Coast... what a crazy ridiculously cold snowy and icy winter..
Valentines Day is just around the corner one of my favorite days!!! I love sending out Valentine cards and little treats of yummies.. It is so much fun to give on this day.. I love the romance of the day, its just a day to remind us to tell someone I love you and that you are thinking of them:) 
I want to say THANK YOU to all that sent in their Valentines Day cards for the VA hospital here in LA.. You have NO idea how happy these men are when I hand them a Valentine.. It amazes me every time I hand them out how thrilled they are for just a little ole card.. Very heart warming... I encourage all to give a little of your time to visit a VA hospital or retirement home.. I have to drive about an hour and half in LA traffic which trust me I never go into LA if I don't have to... It is so worth it though to visit and hear stories of these American hero's.. It just takes a little bit of your day:) Its well worth the smiles and hugs you get!!!
Wish you all a very Happy Monday!!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

St Valentines Cheer

Since I spent so much time at the VA Hospital with my sweet dad I saw a lot of very lonely veterans. So about 6 years ago I started making St Valentines for the Veterans in the hospital.. I can not tell you how much joy it brings them. When you hand them the Valentine they look at it and then say this is for me?? So very sweet and usually they ask for a hug...
So my sweet blogger friends I have a favor to ask... Would you each make 5 to 10 handmade Valentines for me to give out?? ohhh did I mention I make 400:) If you will email me and I will give you the particulars!!! Thank you so very much in advance!!!
I look forward to hearing from you all!!!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

Welcome 2014
A New Year always brings new hopes and dreams... I always take this time to reflect on last year remembering the wonderful memories learning from the hard times and accepting that life goes on after losing a love one...
Lots of changes are coming for Sweet Vintage Home and Garden!! I am so excited for these changes!!! I won't be doing very many shows anymore just a few... My studio will be opened for business as of January 6th which is very thrilling for me:) as will be my new website!!! The other part of my business is the rental of my vintage china and flatware. I started doing this last year and I found I really liked it... I love vintage china probably a little obsessed with it:) I love sharing it with others..
The most important thing I will be doing this year is being in the moment...
Here is to a wonderful healthy peaceful 2014

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Happy December 5th!!!
I am busy busy at my Trunk Show and enjoying  every minute:) We have the best stuff ever!!!
 I just want to keep reminding everyone to relax and enjoy... 
 Here a couple of tips: simple but we tend to forget about ourselves...
1) Take care of yourself as I said before a little quiet time to yourself will do you wonders!!!
2) try and take a 20 minute walk daily (I know my sweet friends back east its a bit brrrr)
3) Drink plenty of water and get rest:) I know easier said then done...
4) Say no WAIT what say no?? yes its ok NOT to over commit:)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


1950's Pottery
I love love the sweetness of this elf shoe... I think its so darling!!!! Great to put a little greenery in or maybe hold your candy canes!!! Whatever you use it for it certainly with bring cuteness to your table..
The holiday season is in full swing... No stopping it:) remember a few things.. Take some time for yourself 5 minutes even. Find a quiet place close your eyes and take a breath in and hold release it do this several times.. I find that just taking a few moments for myself regardless if I think need it or not:) really helps me find calmness in this otherwise hectic time of the year.. You might be calm but other peoples energy tend to affect us at times..
Enjoy the moments
ps if you love the elf shoe its for sale!!! $30 free shipping..

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Be Merry




November is but a blurry memory!!! I did 3 shows in 3 weeks...WHEW!! Then I spent last week setting up for a 3 week trunk show that I am doing with my sister Cheryl at a very sweet friends studio here in Ventura!!! We opened on Saturday and boy what a whirlwind that was... I should of taken the after pictures before we opened:)
It was so much fun setting up shop... I truly enjoy what I get to do and I feel so very blessed to have this amazing opportunity... We have new treasures coming in daily!! We have a little new and lots of vintage.. I will be posting items daily!! Oh and we have Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!!! If you have never tried this type of paint you have too its super easy to use... its a bit spendy but well worth the money..
Seems impossible that in just 30 days we say good bye to 2013... How did that happen?? Now the hustle and bustle of the holiday season begins... I hope that you all will enjoy this magical time of year.. I know it can get crazy shopping, holiday parties, and family obligations can seem overwhelming at times... remember to live in the moment and do something nice someone:)
as always thank you for taking the time to stop by...