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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cloudy Summer Days...

                                                                  our cloudy skies
                                                                My sunny bench!!!

Seems like our summer is sunless this year... Living on the coast we are use to "May Grey" then "June Gloom"... BUT July is suppose to be sunny and warm... Though this year Mother Nature has other ideas:)
 I can't complain too much when I know there are droughts, too much rain and wild fires in many states including here California.. My youngest son Aaron is on the front lines fighting those fires, please keep him in your prayers!!!

My sweet Max and I worked in the garden he is such a great helper!!!  We cut flowers and planted some new pretties. Then Max and I made up some bouquets and delivered then to our newest neighbors.. Our neighborhood has been changing over the past few years. We have many younger families moving in with there little ones. Its really very nice to see this change.. Its bring a new life to this old 1950's hood:)

I recently went picking in the central valley and good Lord was it ever hot there!!! No lack of sunshine there or more importantly amazing treasures.... I found so many sweet things it was fantastic.. Had a wonderful time, I spent time with a dear friend from high school, Donna.. Her home is so lovely can't wait to post the pictures.. She made me homemade scones both mornings with cream, soooo yummy!!! Will be posting my pictures of all my lovely finds and Donna's lovely home!!!

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy 4th of July!!!!

My Patriotic Table at the Little French Flea Market

I can't believe that its the 4th of July already!!! It's one of my favorite days... 
When I lived in Pennsylvania and New Jersey I found a new favorite holiday!! Growing up
here in California we had celebrations... sparklers, homemade ice cream (peach my favorite) and watching 
the fireworks off the end of the pier was great.... BUT then I experienced celebrating our country's independence back east and it was amazing!!! The fireworks were amazing the barbeque's the parades just everything was sooo wonderful...Everyone always decorated their front porches and a flag flying... Celebrating the 4th of July always bring back those wonderful memories...

The past few months have been very life changing for me, with my dad he passing away on May 16th. He had lived with me for the past six years... I miss him like crazy!!! When I painted out back he would sit with me helping me prime or sanding:) He gave me great ideas and was my biggest cheerleader.. The Little French Flea Market was my first market since my Lenny passed away and it very different coming home and he wasn't there to greet me and say "well how did you do babe?" It was a bit empty... He gave me that great love of finding a treasure he was always on the look out for me... So with that I will continue to pick:) and I know my Lenny is still cheering me on!!!

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