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Monday, February 3, 2014

Pink Monday....

Bird of Beauty
Tried out my IPad for picture taking... not so thrilled with the pictures back to my camera:)
Seems impossible that January has whirled by.. well at least for me it has not so much for my sweet daughter in Pennsylvania and my friends in the Midwest and East Coast... what a crazy ridiculously cold snowy and icy winter..
Valentines Day is just around the corner one of my favorite days!!! I love sending out Valentine cards and little treats of yummies.. It is so much fun to give on this day.. I love the romance of the day, its just a day to remind us to tell someone I love you and that you are thinking of them:) 
I want to say THANK YOU to all that sent in their Valentines Day cards for the VA hospital here in LA.. You have NO idea how happy these men are when I hand them a Valentine.. It amazes me every time I hand them out how thrilled they are for just a little ole card.. Very heart warming... I encourage all to give a little of your time to visit a VA hospital or retirement home.. I have to drive about an hour and half in LA traffic which trust me I never go into LA if I don't have to... It is so worth it though to visit and hear stories of these American hero's.. It just takes a little bit of your day:) Its well worth the smiles and hugs you get!!!
Wish you all a very Happy Monday!!!