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Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter!!!

                                           Like I said before I love these vintage postcards!!!!
                                                                My spring mantle
                             When I bought these chicks my sister was like really you need more
                                           spring decorations and I was like OF COARSE!!!

                                                 A vintage chick peeking out... soo sweet

                   I love spring and what it means.. A new start, for me its the start of the new year...
       The years I lived back east when the snow started to melt the green grass was poking up I started my hunt for the first crocus... I loved seeing the purple and yellow crocus making their way up from their long winter sleep... I knew when I saw the first one that warmer days were just weeks away... I had planted 20 bulbs year 1 by year 3 I had over a hundred coming  up all over my 1/4 acre front yard.. My neighbor told me that the gophers were the blame because they moved them everywhere.. Whatever was spreading them my yard was beautiful.. Thinking back now I wish I had taken pictures...Spring is always such an event after a long cold winter!!!

I found 3 bags of vintage Easter basket grass a few years ago and I have used it over and over.. The purple and blue large eggs I glittered.. My poor Lenny had glitter all over him for days:) I glitter in the backyard and because of the afternoon ocean breeze I have no control over the glitter:)

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!!!


Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Spring

I LOVE these old Postcards!!!!!
They make me smile, the colors and just the pure sweetness of them!!! It was such a simple time back then, the address on theback of them is usually a name and a town that's it...
So much to tell.. Lots of shows coming up.. The Little French Flea Market April 20th and 21st Three Speckle Hens Show May 5th and 6th... Sooo that means I have A LOT of work in front of me to get done!!! I am going to do more of lovely old bird baths and vintage cement animals.. I am planting an old wagon cant wait to see it grow in!!! Will show you the progress on it:) I love to garden so that's why I usually tend to have more garden items!!! We have had a colder than usual winter and very dry we are 8 inches below our "normal rain fall." Our foothills are usually green and full of purple Lupines Yellow Mustard flowers and of coarse our California poppies.. Nothing really yet. Hopefully our April showers will bring May flowers!!!!

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