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Thursday, December 5, 2013


Happy December 5th!!!
I am busy busy at my Trunk Show and enjoying  every minute:) We have the best stuff ever!!!
 I just want to keep reminding everyone to relax and enjoy... 
 Here a couple of tips: simple but we tend to forget about ourselves...
1) Take care of yourself as I said before a little quiet time to yourself will do you wonders!!!
2) try and take a 20 minute walk daily (I know my sweet friends back east its a bit brrrr)
3) Drink plenty of water and get rest:) I know easier said then done...
4) Say no WAIT what say no?? yes its ok NOT to over commit:)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


1950's Pottery
I love love the sweetness of this elf shoe... I think its so darling!!!! Great to put a little greenery in or maybe hold your candy canes!!! Whatever you use it for it certainly with bring cuteness to your table..
The holiday season is in full swing... No stopping it:) remember a few things.. Take some time for yourself 5 minutes even. Find a quiet place close your eyes and take a breath in and hold release it do this several times.. I find that just taking a few moments for myself regardless if I think need it or not:) really helps me find calmness in this otherwise hectic time of the year.. You might be calm but other peoples energy tend to affect us at times..
Enjoy the moments
ps if you love the elf shoe its for sale!!! $30 free shipping..

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Be Merry




November is but a blurry memory!!! I did 3 shows in 3 weeks...WHEW!! Then I spent last week setting up for a 3 week trunk show that I am doing with my sister Cheryl at a very sweet friends studio here in Ventura!!! We opened on Saturday and boy what a whirlwind that was... I should of taken the after pictures before we opened:)
It was so much fun setting up shop... I truly enjoy what I get to do and I feel so very blessed to have this amazing opportunity... We have new treasures coming in daily!! We have a little new and lots of vintage.. I will be posting items daily!! Oh and we have Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!!! If you have never tried this type of paint you have too its super easy to use... its a bit spendy but well worth the money..
Seems impossible that in just 30 days we say good bye to 2013... How did that happen?? Now the hustle and bustle of the holiday season begins... I hope that you all will enjoy this magical time of year.. I know it can get crazy shopping, holiday parties, and family obligations can seem overwhelming at times... remember to live in the moment and do something nice someone:)
as always thank you for taking the time to stop by...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Remnants of The Past

Remnants Booth
love fresh flowers

Re purposed table
Front of booth
I survived Remnants of The Past show!!!! It was an amazing weekend and I met sooo many wonderful women and beyond talented!!! It was so much fun and I am so inspired to work my vintage business even harder!!!
I truly love what I do... Giving new life to old furniture is so satisfying for me. I love when I start to paint a piece of furniture and it comes to life... I love creating:)
Last show of the year is this weekend The Little French Flea Market in Trazana... Cant believe another year is about to come to a close... Now comes my one of favorite part of my vintage business... picking and creating:)
a few of the items above are still available:
French Sofa $675.00
Blue Bench $129.00
Re purposed table $275.00
Gold Wall Sconce with mirror $149.00
as always thank you for stopping by:)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall In The Mountains

Old Cabin

Aaron and I

Old Floor
My son Aaron and I took a day trip to the mountains yesterday and it was so beautiful!!! We found this old cabin we took a walk through it. As you walked in the floor was made from stones it was amazing.. It was like Snow Whites cottage in the forest, the fireplace was made of stone and the mantle was made from a tree branch... The cabinets in the kitchen all had the sweetest gingerbread trim and then the kitchen floor was the above flooring... I fell in love with it!!! I could so live there!!!
We looked for pine cones for me to glitter for my biggest show of the year Remnants of the Past November 9th and 10th!!! Rachael Ashwell ( who I love) will be there on Saturday signing her newest book and then on Sunday Susan Branch (again another inspiration) will be signing her newest book... So excited!!!
Loved my time with my baby Aaron:) I love love going into the mountains, the quietness and the colors so inspire me!!!! Between the country western we listened to on the way there our picnic by the creek and the discovery of the sweet cabin it was a perfect day!!!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Open For Business!!!!


Reading Room

Compfy Bedroom
One of my "Bucket List Items" is to have a B and B... So on a smaller scale I am doing Airbnb.
I am offering a room and bath for rent on a nightly bases!! Light breakfast served, homemade scones freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning and afternoon tea... I am so excited for this new venture!! I want my guest to be cozy and relaxed.. They will have the use our beach cruisers for the short 10 minute ride to the beach to dip their toes in the ocean or watch the sunset... My studio is open for business so they can shop a little also:) Our sweet sleepy beach town offers great treasure hunting, whale watching, hiking in the Los Padres Forrest and so much more!!!
You can book through airbnb or directly through me...
My Lenny taught me to enjoy each moment it doesn't have to big just a moment smelling a rose stopping to watch the dolphin's play in the waves watching the sun slip so quietly into the ocean as another day ends... I grieve for my loss of my dad some days are better than others. I had a friend ask me a question the other day.. He asked me "Would you trade some of the happiest days of your life for not having to experience some of your saddest?" Times with my children, my dad and of coarse my days with Max the answer is a HUGE NO!!! So with that I will continue to enjoy the moments that turn into days and then into wonderful memories:)

Friday, September 27, 2013


A little vignette for autumn
I have started to decorate for fall... As I say about all the seasons and holidays...
My favorite time of year:)
I know I know I am always saying that.. Its just that there is so much to love about all seasons...
Winter brings a certain quiet calmness to life, for me life seems to slow down..
Spring brings flowers, trees with buds, hope and a sense of renewal...
Summer brings fresh cut grass, fun at the beach and lazy starry nights...
Then there is fall the colors of the leaves yes we do have a change of seasons here... The full moon seems so big, the mornings have a little crisp in the air and pumpkins and mums decorate porches.. well at least my porch... Living back east for all those years fall became a very favorite part of my life.. Trimming bushes back packing up the patio furniture and planting bulbs took up my days. Of coarse there were back to school nights cupcakes to bake for classrooms and football games to cheer on Cory and Aaron and field hockey for Sarah... I guess with fall come some really wonderful memories of my three babies how blessed I am!!!
This summer has brought huge changes for me with my dads passing.. Learning how to live without one of the most important and loving people in my life... For me its a slow process but each day brings new hope and for that I am grateful...
Lots of news to share big show coming up in November, my studio is finally done AND I am doing a Bed and Breakfast in my home.. Its called The Sweet Vintage Cottage!!! My opening date is October 1st!!! So excited for this new venture... Will post pictures soon.
as always thanks for stopping by...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cloudy Summer Days...

                                                                  our cloudy skies
                                                                My sunny bench!!!

Seems like our summer is sunless this year... Living on the coast we are use to "May Grey" then "June Gloom"... BUT July is suppose to be sunny and warm... Though this year Mother Nature has other ideas:)
 I can't complain too much when I know there are droughts, too much rain and wild fires in many states including here California.. My youngest son Aaron is on the front lines fighting those fires, please keep him in your prayers!!!

My sweet Max and I worked in the garden he is such a great helper!!!  We cut flowers and planted some new pretties. Then Max and I made up some bouquets and delivered then to our newest neighbors.. Our neighborhood has been changing over the past few years. We have many younger families moving in with there little ones. Its really very nice to see this change.. Its bring a new life to this old 1950's hood:)

I recently went picking in the central valley and good Lord was it ever hot there!!! No lack of sunshine there or more importantly amazing treasures.... I found so many sweet things it was fantastic.. Had a wonderful time, I spent time with a dear friend from high school, Donna.. Her home is so lovely can't wait to post the pictures.. She made me homemade scones both mornings with cream, soooo yummy!!! Will be posting my pictures of all my lovely finds and Donna's lovely home!!!

Thanks so stopping by.....


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy 4th of July!!!!

My Patriotic Table at the Little French Flea Market

I can't believe that its the 4th of July already!!! It's one of my favorite days... 
When I lived in Pennsylvania and New Jersey I found a new favorite holiday!! Growing up
here in California we had celebrations... sparklers, homemade ice cream (peach my favorite) and watching 
the fireworks off the end of the pier was great.... BUT then I experienced celebrating our country's independence back east and it was amazing!!! The fireworks were amazing the barbeque's the parades just everything was sooo wonderful...Everyone always decorated their front porches and a flag flying... Celebrating the 4th of July always bring back those wonderful memories...

The past few months have been very life changing for me, with my dad he passing away on May 16th. He had lived with me for the past six years... I miss him like crazy!!! When I painted out back he would sit with me helping me prime or sanding:) He gave me great ideas and was my biggest cheerleader.. The Little French Flea Market was my first market since my Lenny passed away and it very different coming home and he wasn't there to greet me and say "well how did you do babe?" It was a bit empty... He gave me that great love of finding a treasure he was always on the look out for me... So with that I will continue to pick:) and I know my Lenny is still cheering me on!!!

As always thanks so much for stopping by and giving me a few minutes of your time!!!!


Monday, May 20, 2013

Heavy heart

I am sorry I haven't been keeping up on my blog...

It's with a heavy heart beyond words that I share that my sweet father Lenny has passed away... He fell ill was taken to the hospital via ambulance, 2 days later it was decided he would come home on hospice within 5 days he was gone. My dad has lived with me for 6 years. His health wasn't the greatest but he managed. Last October he had another large heart attack that really took the wind out of his sails... I have been truly blessed with the time I have had with my sweet dad. He never complained and trust me he had lots of pain but never said a word.... He made me laugh usually at myself and not take things so seriously:) he was a prankster and always rooted for the underdog:) he was my hero!!!! He always encouraged me and was always so excited to hear how I did at my shows... He helped me put things together and gave me great ideas.. He was the best..

I miss him like crazy!!!



Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Birthday!!!!

Today is my birthday and to be honest I am very fine with it!!!! I use to say I am 49 (again) but I am 52... I don't feel like I am 52 however that is suppose to feel??? I have so many blessings in my life, I am one lucky mama and Gigi (grandma)... my great aunt Jeanie once told me.."Kitten always be proud of who you are and that includes your age" I have fought it for many years but every year my birthday comes whether I want it too or not..:) Sooo I am thrilled to have had another year of living and loving!!!
Wishing everyone a happy happy day:)


Friday, April 5, 2013

A Little DIY Projct

I am getting ready for a couple of shows, April 20th and 21st is the Little French Flea Market which is in Trazana Ca and then May 5th and 6th is the Three Speckle Hens show in Paso Robles. I am so excited to do these shows. I am doing a garden and outdoor living theme. Which brings me to the above wagon... 

I have had this wagon for at least 10 years, it has had many jobs... I bought it at a yard sale a little on the rustic side... Now it has aged a little more and I think has more character:) I had it on my porch with terra cota pots planted with flowers, then Max came along and then it was his ride to the park... It still has a lot of life left in it!!! So its next job is as a planter!!

I put some packing peanuts in the bottom of the wagon to help with drainage. Normally I use pebbles in the bottom of my pots but the peanuts make moving the wagon a lot easier (less weight) next spread your potting soil, lightly water then add a little more soil and the best part plant whatever your heart desires!!!. Can't wait for this to grow in!!! Its such a lovely addition to your garden, patio or just sitting in your yard..
I will post pictures when it's all grown in!!!

Thanks for stopping.. Happy Friday!!!!


Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter!!!

                                           Like I said before I love these vintage postcards!!!!
                                                                My spring mantle
                             When I bought these chicks my sister was like really you need more
                                           spring decorations and I was like OF COARSE!!!

                                                 A vintage chick peeking out... soo sweet

                   I love spring and what it means.. A new start, for me its the start of the new year...
       The years I lived back east when the snow started to melt the green grass was poking up I started my hunt for the first crocus... I loved seeing the purple and yellow crocus making their way up from their long winter sleep... I knew when I saw the first one that warmer days were just weeks away... I had planted 20 bulbs year 1 by year 3 I had over a hundred coming  up all over my 1/4 acre front yard.. My neighbor told me that the gophers were the blame because they moved them everywhere.. Whatever was spreading them my yard was beautiful.. Thinking back now I wish I had taken pictures...Spring is always such an event after a long cold winter!!!

I found 3 bags of vintage Easter basket grass a few years ago and I have used it over and over.. The purple and blue large eggs I glittered.. My poor Lenny had glitter all over him for days:) I glitter in the backyard and because of the afternoon ocean breeze I have no control over the glitter:)

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!!!


Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Spring

I LOVE these old Postcards!!!!!
They make me smile, the colors and just the pure sweetness of them!!! It was such a simple time back then, the address on theback of them is usually a name and a town that's it...
So much to tell.. Lots of shows coming up.. The Little French Flea Market April 20th and 21st Three Speckle Hens Show May 5th and 6th... Sooo that means I have A LOT of work in front of me to get done!!! I am going to do more of lovely old bird baths and vintage cement animals.. I am planting an old wagon cant wait to see it grow in!!! Will show you the progress on it:) I love to garden so that's why I usually tend to have more garden items!!! We have had a colder than usual winter and very dry we are 8 inches below our "normal rain fall." Our foothills are usually green and full of purple Lupines Yellow Mustard flowers and of coarse our California poppies.. Nothing really yet. Hopefully our April showers will bring May flowers!!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Sweet Valentines Swap

                                                                Sweet grungy eggs
                                                              Seriously can it get cuter???

                                     My swap partner for the Valentines Swap was Sandi Allen and what
                                   an amazing swap partner was she!!! Sandi is so talented I love everything 
                                she sent me from the grungy eggs to the sweet heart on the wire!!! The darling
                             Spring banner just everything is so amazing... Thank you Sandi soooo very much:)
                                      Sandi's blog is theprimitiveskate.blogspot.com PS she made it all!!
                                 Once again Amy has put on another wonderful swap... Thank you Amy!!!!!

                                   Goodness I can't believe February has come to a close already... Honestly
                             where does the time go?? I have been busy on my picking trips my next show is in
                                  April my favorite The Little French Flea Market:) It is now a 2 day show!!!
                             I went to No California for my picking trips, I found the sweetest town Scotts Valley
                                 and there was this darling store named Ivy Porch. It has several different vendors all                                 with amazing talent!!! Don't you just love when you find a store that makes you go
                             AAAHHHH I love everything!!!! The garden was lovely and really inspired me. The                           weather was amazing (sorry to my friends back east and the mid west) In the high 60's
                                            sunny and no wind, it was so pretty....Spring is in the air!!!!     

                               With that said I have lots of goodies to show and tell and I will be posting all my 
                                     wonderful goodies... I am now selling on One Kings Lane Vintage Place
                                                     if you get a chance pop over and check it out!!!     


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Never too late to say Thank You!!!

                                                             My gifts from Amy's swap
                                                                      Love love it all :)

I know its a bit late but I really wanted to show my wonderful gifts from my swap partner Linda Gates, her blog is countrypickins.blogspot.com. She sent me yummy candy a very sweet Christmas dish towel. Linda made the smaller snowman with the Ginger bread man, she also sent me the ginger bread man and star. Everything was wonderful and I love it all...

I was having some technical problems with uploading my pictures and my blog was in a strange format anyway all fixed now and on to happy blogging:)

So remember a few months ago I had a contest I was going for 50 blog followers had a great push got to 40 which honestly was very exciting for me!!!! I am so sorry it has taken me a while to post the winners so here they are: Cyn blog cynzplace, Bettyj blog Through My Back Door, Danice blog Homespun Hannah's blog, Wendy blog Ravenwood Whimzies Primitives Fold Art and Ms Amy blog Bumble Bee Lane!!!!

Thank you to everyone who became followers, I am so thankful for your support!!!

Keep checking back I have lots of great DIY's coming up AMAZING treasures to share and show dates to share:)