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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Some free pretties!!!

This is a giveaway from a very lovely blog called Rachel and Pias Cottage!!! All you have to do
to entry for this sweet giveaway is sign up and follow her blog!!! sooo easy:) I love love both pieces!!!
So this got me thinking I want to up my blog followers soooo I am going to have a my first giveaway!!! I promise that it will be fabulous... So here is how it works if you send someone to my blog and they follow you will get 2 chances to win and they will get a chance to win:) My goal is to have 25 more followers that's all!!! The more people you send my way the more chances you have to win... So tell one tell all to come by and check my blog out!!! Please have your friend leave a comment to tell me who sent them my way... My deadline is November 15th!! or as soon as I have 50 followers!!!
I will post my giveaway in a few days... :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Vintage Pink

Debbie (right) and Katie
Farm Girl Antiques

Sweet Pink Vintage Wedding Bell

A whole lot of pink!!!
So my plans were to post pictures of my fall vignettes. I had my pumpkins (and some very darling pumpkin toppers) the glittered skeletons and candles I make... and reasons unknown to me I totally went pink and romance??? I found these vintage wedding decorations in a sweet general store in Etna a tiny town in northern California..
I recently went on a picking trip to northern California... I found so many wonderful things!!!
More importantly I met some of the nicest people.. I met Debbie who owns this fabulous store
Farm Girl Antiques... She has unbelievable things, I wish I had taken pictures of her store.. Next time I will for sure!! Her store is in a lovely little town Yreka way way up north.. It was a gold mining town at one time.. Seriously the entire drive was breath taking Mt Shasta, Castle Kragle all beautiful..
Lenny came along with me hoping to do a little panning for gold go visit his old cabin by his gold claim... don't ask:) Unfortunately it did not go as planned we drove 13 hours taking us 3 days so he could rest and we got to Etna where we were going to stay for 4 days only to turn around the next day drive straight to the ER in Sacramento he was having a cardiac event.. Doctors term?? He is still recovering... it is taking him some time to bounce back...
I will post my fall soon oh and FYI I am loving Primitive!!! brings back special memories from my life back in Pa and NJ... some very very lovely items from some incredible artists!!!