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Friday, November 23, 2012

Giving Thanks!!!!

fell in love with these vintage handmade turkeys

A little autumn in my dining room

love my pumpkin crochet toppers and this sweet vintage squirrel
First off I am sorry I have not been blogging and thanking all my new followers!!!
Sometimes life gets a little bumpy... and that's what happened to me... My Lenny  had a massive
heart attack was in the hospital for 2 weeks he is home and doing fantastic!!! I had some major surgery scheduled and 2 weeks after he came home I had my surgery... All was well for a few days I developed an infection and was in the hospital much longer than expected...
Why am I telling you this well I feel so badly that I didn't respond to all my new followers and to thank all the support from the more experienced bloggers.. I love the community of blogging and for the new friendships I have made.. I am so thankful!!! My sister Cheryl has been a huge support to me making sure our Lenny is taken care of and her visits to me in the hospital:) Making me laugh when all I wanted to do was cry...
I love the crochet toppers so sweet. They are a lovely addition to dressing up your table. You can use old dollies, I found that to be a little harder to do without them unraveling plus to be honest I felt bad cutting up someones hard work!!! So I figured out a way to make my own....
My give away will be drawn on Monday November 26th:)
I promise more blogging and DIY projects, making the candles you see in the above pictures...
again thank you all for your support

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Some free pretties!!!

This is a giveaway from a very lovely blog called Rachel and Pias Cottage!!! All you have to do
to entry for this sweet giveaway is sign up and follow her blog!!! sooo easy:) I love love both pieces!!!
So this got me thinking I want to up my blog followers soooo I am going to have a my first giveaway!!! I promise that it will be fabulous... So here is how it works if you send someone to my blog and they follow you will get 2 chances to win and they will get a chance to win:) My goal is to have 25 more followers that's all!!! The more people you send my way the more chances you have to win... So tell one tell all to come by and check my blog out!!! Please have your friend leave a comment to tell me who sent them my way... My deadline is November 15th!! or as soon as I have 50 followers!!!
I will post my giveaway in a few days... :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Vintage Pink

Debbie (right) and Katie
Farm Girl Antiques

Sweet Pink Vintage Wedding Bell

A whole lot of pink!!!
So my plans were to post pictures of my fall vignettes. I had my pumpkins (and some very darling pumpkin toppers) the glittered skeletons and candles I make... and reasons unknown to me I totally went pink and romance??? I found these vintage wedding decorations in a sweet general store in Etna a tiny town in northern California..
I recently went on a picking trip to northern California... I found so many wonderful things!!!
More importantly I met some of the nicest people.. I met Debbie who owns this fabulous store
Farm Girl Antiques... She has unbelievable things, I wish I had taken pictures of her store.. Next time I will for sure!! Her store is in a lovely little town Yreka way way up north.. It was a gold mining town at one time.. Seriously the entire drive was breath taking Mt Shasta, Castle Kragle all beautiful..
Lenny came along with me hoping to do a little panning for gold go visit his old cabin by his gold claim... don't ask:) Unfortunately it did not go as planned we drove 13 hours taking us 3 days so he could rest and we got to Etna where we were going to stay for 4 days only to turn around the next day drive straight to the ER in Sacramento he was having a cardiac event.. Doctors term?? He is still recovering... it is taking him some time to bounce back...
I will post my fall soon oh and FYI I am loving Primitive!!! brings back special memories from my life back in Pa and NJ... some very very lovely items from some incredible artists!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012


My sweet garden angel

My quiet time in the morning

My new must haves!!!
Mornings are one of my favorite times, its quiet and a lovely stillness surrounds me..
 I always go out to my garden pull a weed or two maybe plant a new pretty
 or just sit drink my tea, listen to the quiet and just be....
 Sometimes when my days are in full swing and
 its crazy and fast I remind myself to go back to that morning in
 my garden and remember to just be:)
Seems impossible that over a month has pasted since my last posting...
Its been a busy summer beach days with my Maxie:)
 Time with my Lenny he turned 80 in July!!
and lots of wonderful picking trips...
Picking trips brings me to my newest MUST haves!!! I love love pitchers, coffee pots (with or without lids) or creamers of any size. Even if they are a little chippy that's ok they can still hold a bouquet of flowers or be used on your desk or in your powder room... I use them to take a bouquet of flowers to a friend for a birthday or just for a I love you friend...
 They are one of my must haves for fall!!! 
I have been working hard on my new studio its just about finished.. Pathway from the front yard to the backyard with the new entrance is just about completed, waiting for the new gate I can not wait to have visitors!!! So if you are ever in my neck of the woods you have to stop by:)
Have a wonderful Friday and weekend..
as always thank you for taking the time and stopping by...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Alfalfa field Central Valley Ca
A beautiful American flag on the side of a barn
BEST chocolate shake EVER!!!!

I recently went on a little picking trip to the Central Valley here in Calif.... When I was a little girl we lived in a small town Los Banos, my dad was working on the dam there... It is small farming town that on one side is surrounded by the coastal mountain range just over the hill.... well a little more than just but there is the beautiful city of Monterey (one of my most favorite areas ever).. Then to the east are the ever so amazing Sierra's mountains....

The fields are filled with tomato's, melons, cotton and alfalfa among many other crops.. it really is a beautiful sight... The main street is like going back a decade or 3 in a good way:) The corner Rexall Drug store still has a lunch counter that has THE BEST CHOCOLATE SHAKES EVER!!!! I have so many wonderful memories here... My grandparents lived about 30 minutes away in little bit larger town Turlock... here in Turlock we would spend afternoons in the garage taking turns turning the ice cream maker handle... for hours it seemed.. My grandmother would slice up fresh picked peaches or strawberries and we would put them in the ice cream uuuumm sooo good...

It was such a simple time.... fishing with my dad on the canal banks, rock hunting in the foothills or a trip over the hill to Monterey... My brother and I would ride our bikes for hours out in the country we would pack a lunch and be gone the entire day... We would collect soda bottles and cash them in and buy ridicules amounts of candy:) We played kickball in the front yard and caught craw daddy's..

Sorry I got strolling down memory lane... the reason I went was to look for treasures and let me just say treasures I did find!!! I will post the pictures of my sweet finds very soon...

The Little french Flea Market is this Saturday in Tarzana... can't wait!!!



Friday, June 22, 2012

Making Lemonade Out of Lemons!!!!

folding chairs from the 70's

Lovely vintage iron couch, chair and table

So if you remember a few postings ago I had written about my beautiful Rachel Ashwell duvet, pillow shams (2 sets of them) and the dust ruffle burnt because Lenny turned a heater on in my studio that we never use.... Well I am re purposing the fabric... So far I have made the sweet chair covers for the folding chairs... I think they are so cute!!! Then I made pillows for the vintage iron set... I will be making many pillows... Which is exciting for me since I am newer to sewing:)

So as to keep to my business statement I am re purposing as much as possible... Though I miss my beautiful duvet and pillow shams I am happy to turn these lemons into lemonade!!!

Summer is in full swing and I have a few shows coming up!!! I will be having a show at my home with 3 other very talented vendors... Very excited to host this show!!! The Little French Flea Market is on July 21st such a cute venue in a park with a Koi pond lots of shady trees... Can't wait!!!

Hope your weekend is wonderful


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Remembering those who gave their lives...

This is a very important day that ALL Americans regardless of your politically views should honor.. Many men and women serve our country and sadly many many have given there life and still on a daily bases give their lives.... Memorial Day is a very special day.... a day to remember and honor all the men and women who gave their lives

 Our freedom is not without a price.

A little know fact.... I was in the Army, I joined when I was 19, my brother had already enlisted and told me how great it was... Though we have a very different view on "great" it was one of the best things I ever did!!! It was not easy.. Basic Training was very hard but I made it through and along the way I have made some life long friends.. I was in the first platoon of women to ever train with men at Fort Dix New Jersey.. I marched and marched I dug foxholes and then slept in the foxholes... I threw live grenades (not one of my strong points)  I was an expert marksman with the M-16.. I learned a lot in my 2 years in the Army and I can tell you that I am proud that I served our great country!!!

Please take time to thank a member of the military they ARE sacrificing their lives for our freedom...


I realize that patriotism is not enough. I must have no hatred or bitterness towards anyone.
Edith Cavell

Monday, May 14, 2012


a moment of silence please....

Have you ever had "One of those days" I mean really really one of those days??? Well I experienced
 one of "those" days today.... Above is a picture of my beloved Rachel Ashwell duvet... that has met its end as a duvet:( My son had gotten it out of the loft for me yesterday as I was going to change out my bedroom duvet.... I love love this pattern... Plus there is a story behind it...

Several years ago I was very ill and had to be in bed for awhile... One day my sweet hubby asked what would make you feel better and in a magazine I had on the bed I pointed to this beautiful bedroom and I said this... So a few days later we drove to Rachel Ashwells store in Malibu and I got whatever I wanted.. My hubby jokingly said a trip to Hawaii would of been cheaper:) ok on to today..

Lenny apparently was cold (70+ degrees outside) turned on the heater in my studio the bag with duvet was next to the heater and the rest is history... A we never use that heater B REALLY!!!! It was burned through and through ... Lenny felt very bad... So this after it took me 1 hour to clean the stove top because Lenny made his famous stuffed cabbage... 1HOUR!!! So as if that's not a enough as I drove around today I thought wow the car smells really good, my son gets in the car and said wow mom something smells really good in here... I get home went to get something out of the back and guess what??? A whole container of Tide detergent had opened and yes it was everywhere...

Looking forward to going to bed:) Tomorrow will be fantastic.....


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!!!!

Our Doodleboy!!!!
This has to be one of my favorite photos of my favorite guy:) My Maxie his sweet toothless grin!!!
Happy Mother's Day to his mommy my daughter in law Amy, what a joy you and Cory brought to our family!!! Max is truly a blessing!!!!

Cory Aaron and Sarah

Where does the time go??? Just when I start pumping the brakes of life.... everything seems to speed up!!! Being a mommy has been such a joy to me... My children have brought me much joy happiness and lots of giggles to my life.... Time has a way of just marching on!!! :(

I have many many wonderful memories of my childhood with my grandma!!! She was the best and though 12 years have pasted I miss her just as much as ever.... Remember to enjoy each day even though some days are harder than others they are still blesings...

I went on a road trip this past week and met some wonderful people and found some really fantastic items!!! Will post later this week....



Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"May Gray"

As much as I love my little sleepy beach town... not so fond of the "May Gray" as it is called.... After "May Gray" we get "June Gloom" so basically for the next 60 day its overcast but if we are lucky we will get a tiny weenie bit of sunshine in the late afternoon... but with the little sun comes the wind... which makes painting a bit challenging!!!

The good news is that I have several shows coming up that are inland and that means sunny warm weather!!! The Little French Flea Market is coming fast May 19th... If you live in the area its a must stop by!!! So many sweet vendors and lovely lovely items!!!

I have been very busy getting ready for this show, I have lots of great furniture, pictures will be posted soon!!! I have found some fabulous linens vintage jewelry and creamy white pitchers (one of my new favorite items).... Stop by soon

hope you have a fantastic day!!!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Challenge!!!

I am sooo sorry that its been so long that I have posted on my sweet blog.... I have had serious bloggers block!!! Thankfully my "block" is gone all because of the above picture:) This is a curb find by my friend Kim...
 All I can say is WOW I do love a challenge!!!! This will be one big challenge:) but I am up for it!!
I have an idea of what color and my choice of knobs already I will keep you posted on the "makeover" of this lovely piece of furniture that is very sturdy and has A LOT of life left in it!!! Just needs a little love.... ok maybe a lot of love.... Would love to hear your thoughts on what the black lines are suppose to be??? To me they kinda looks like tire marks???

I made a upside down pineapple cake ALL from scratch last night... I was going to take a picture but good ole Lenny took a piece (huge) of it before I could take a picture of it... Lenny  Lenny Lenny!!!! To try and get out of trouble he was like honey this is the best cake EVER you should enter it into a contest you would win... good try Lenny:)

Spring is trying to make an entrance here in our sweet little beach town... "trying" being the word.. I am having to paint inside due to the rain and it being sooo chilly out... My next show is in May at the Little French Flea Market... Cant wait!!! one of my most favorite shows!!! check back by to see the process of my yellow wonder:)

Thanks for stopping by today:) I hope everyone has a fantastic day!!!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Progress and some pretties:)

                                                                  Primer is finally on
Pink Sparkly Pretties!!!!

So my process is a little slower than expected on this wonderful vintage desk.. Had some
repairs I had to do... Plus the weather hasn't been that co-operative so now I had to move
everything inside and our family room is now my painting studio... Thankfully Hubby and Lenny
are okay with it all:)
To be honest I got a little side tracked........  had a show last week-end and I am getting ready for
The Little French Flea Market coming up March 3rd in Trazana at the Trazana Cultural Center!!!
Then of coarse I glittered this Eiffel Tower plus a few other things:) Love glitter... Poor Lenny always
has glitter on his face or clothes:) he never complains he is a good egg that Lenny:)
My next post my wonderful vintage desk will be finished plus some more glittered
Spring/Easter pretties OOOHHH and some wonderful cement animals I found down by San Diego last week... oh yeah I forgot went to San Diego to visit my sweet daughter Sarah in here new place there and I got to shop for more sweet goodies for my online store items being posted as I type!!!


Monday, January 23, 2012

A New Life


Phase 1

Here we are phase 1 is completed sanding and removing some of the damaged veneer.. next is the primer and then the color...What color to do???
There are so many wonderful colors to chose from,,,,, Well I have a pretty good idea what I am
going to do.. I talked to my sweet friend Ann and asked her opinion and she and I agree that since its a big piece of furniture the color should be??????  we will see:)

Ventura Flea Market is this coming weekend and I am excited to bring some of my wonderful treasures!!! It is suppose to be now get this...in  the low 80's!!! can't wait to be there!!! Then my next show will be March 3rd The Little French Market in Trazana....

Be sure to take a peek at my online store www.sweetvintagehomeandgarden.com new items are being added weekly.... Also I am super excited to announce that I will be opening my studio on an appointment base to come look and maybe find a treasure you can't live without!!!!
 Grand Opening Soon!!!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012


My sweet son Aaron calls me... hey mom I just sent you a picture of something on the side of the road,
do you want me to pick it up for you... God love my Aaron:) He brings it over and said I guess you have me trained:)
I mean come on look at it... Its AWESOME!!! I have been working on it and I will post pictures soon of this lovely old desk progress... I love taking old things and giving them new life...

Cottage, chippy paint and vintage are words I love to hear.... The beauty that is just waiting to be found again is so inspiring to me....

I am looking forward to this new year and all the new experience that await me on my journey...

Be sure to stop by my online store: sweetvintagehomeandgarden.com Its finally up and running new items are being added weekly!!!!

Have a wonderful week!!!