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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Home Safe and Sound

Here Lenny and I are at the Meteor Crater outside of Winslow Arizona... Ole Lenny was trying
to give me bunny ears but because of his bummed shoulder gave a "Rock On" sign:) Good ole
Lenny:) We had a wonderful time and I learned so much about the Native Americans... I will  be
posting the AMAZING beaded jewelery I purchased for my online store, though the items are new
the craftsmanship is ages old and so beautiful... Don't let the sunny skies fool you, it was about 40ish out.. brrr!!!!
I am getting ready for my last show of the year. It is The Little French Flea Market in Tarzana on Dec 4th..
I have found so many wonderful sweet treasures for my darling customers....

Have a happy safe last day of November 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

My dad Lenny and I are on our adventure!!! Our first day consisted of 5 hours of driving from Ventura Ca to Laughlin Nevada. He was not to happy because I had him sit in a wheelchair in the hotel loddy to the room.. (which was a very long walk).. The whole time in the wheelchair.. Lenny: honey you treat me like a child.. Me: dad you get tired and then you get unsteady on your feet and then you fall., Lenny: well I can walk, Me: ok dad. ... We went down to the casino... oh and if you have never been to Laughlin.. well it has lets see 6 or 7 casino's/hotels the Colorado River runs between Laughlin and Bull Head City Arizona. Its in the middle of nowhere it is ALWAYS windy and I mean windy like 40 mph winds. In the summer its in the 100's and it feels like a huge blow dryer is on you and in the winter it is freezing cold and a whipping wind!!! It was the half way mark for us to stop:) Plus Lenny got to gamble:) He won $88.50 and I won $150 on the penny machine!! As I wheeled him to the lobby in the morning he said hey this wheelchair isnt so bad.. and that would of been along walk honey:) Your welcome daddyo

Day 2
 consist of us driving and Lenny asking a million times how much longer...:) He says payback from when I was a child:):) Lenny not feeling to well today so I was looking forward to getting to the cabin so he can rest... We are headed to the Cocnino's Mountains by Happy Jack... Hey I am not making up the names... Got to the cabin very cold out it is an amazing cabin.. Friends of ours letting us use it...

Day 3
Well it's still early Lenny still sleeping... We are suppose to go geo and metor hunting.. We'll see how he feels today:) I am hoping to find some wonderful treasures here in Arizona for my shop...

Cheers for now


P.S Lenny did fall coming up the stairs at the cabin:( He has a bad habit of falling usually in a parking lot, side walks, front yard, back yard).. actually he is not too picky as to where he falls..

Friday, November 12, 2010


Above are 2 sweet children's chairs a before and after picture... It is amazing what a little paint can do to give a little life back to something that was going to be thrown away. They are in great shape and very sturdy. From what I was told they are from a Sunday school room and were used in the late 1950's till recently... Paired up with this little white table I am hoping there will be tea parties and lots of fun..

With just a little bit of effort and a little paint these old chairs have new life. It got me thinking about how much "stuff" we just throw away without really thinking about it. I really try to recycle as much as I can. From donating clothing that is still in good shape to the homeless shelter to taking old batteries into the recycling center. There are so many things one can recycle... Here are a few ideas:

1.Old eye glasses many eye doctors offices take them  put new lenses in for people who can't afford new ones.
2. Cell phones, there are many organizations my favorite one is Komen for the Cure.. This benefits research for breast cancer, to learn more go to www.connecttothecure.com
3. Take old towels, blankets and newspapers to your local animal shelters, they are always needing these.
So before you throw away "stuff" check to see if you can donate, it can help save lives, give the gift of eye sight and help abandon animals and last but not least help our earth by not filling up landfills..
I would to hear from you all on your recycling efforts:)
Cheers for now