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Monday, January 6, 2014

St Valentines Cheer

Since I spent so much time at the VA Hospital with my sweet dad I saw a lot of very lonely veterans. So about 6 years ago I started making St Valentines for the Veterans in the hospital.. I can not tell you how much joy it brings them. When you hand them the Valentine they look at it and then say this is for me?? So very sweet and usually they ask for a hug...
So my sweet blogger friends I have a favor to ask... Would you each make 5 to 10 handmade Valentines for me to give out?? ohhh did I mention I make 400:) If you will email me and I will give you the particulars!!! Thank you so very much in advance!!!
I look forward to hearing from you all!!!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

Welcome 2014
A New Year always brings new hopes and dreams... I always take this time to reflect on last year remembering the wonderful memories learning from the hard times and accepting that life goes on after losing a love one...
Lots of changes are coming for Sweet Vintage Home and Garden!! I am so excited for these changes!!! I won't be doing very many shows anymore just a few... My studio will be opened for business as of January 6th which is very thrilling for me:) as will be my new website!!! The other part of my business is the rental of my vintage china and flatware. I started doing this last year and I found I really liked it... I love vintage china probably a little obsessed with it:) I love sharing it with others..
The most important thing I will be doing this year is being in the moment...
Here is to a wonderful healthy peaceful 2014