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Friday, November 23, 2012

Giving Thanks!!!!

fell in love with these vintage handmade turkeys

A little autumn in my dining room

love my pumpkin crochet toppers and this sweet vintage squirrel
First off I am sorry I have not been blogging and thanking all my new followers!!!
Sometimes life gets a little bumpy... and that's what happened to me... My Lenny  had a massive
heart attack was in the hospital for 2 weeks he is home and doing fantastic!!! I had some major surgery scheduled and 2 weeks after he came home I had my surgery... All was well for a few days I developed an infection and was in the hospital much longer than expected...
Why am I telling you this well I feel so badly that I didn't respond to all my new followers and to thank all the support from the more experienced bloggers.. I love the community of blogging and for the new friendships I have made.. I am so thankful!!! My sister Cheryl has been a huge support to me making sure our Lenny is taken care of and her visits to me in the hospital:) Making me laugh when all I wanted to do was cry...
I love the crochet toppers so sweet. They are a lovely addition to dressing up your table. You can use old dollies, I found that to be a little harder to do without them unraveling plus to be honest I felt bad cutting up someones hard work!!! So I figured out a way to make my own....
My give away will be drawn on Monday November 26th:)
I promise more blogging and DIY projects, making the candles you see in the above pictures...
again thank you all for your support