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Tuesday, December 16, 2014


NCR Trail

Stewartstown Pa first snow fall

It seems impossible that its been since August that I posted. Sometimes life throws you a curve that just takes time to pick yourself up. My sister Celeste passed away very suddenly. She went into the hospital for a tummy ache and 6 days later passed away. She had an infection and didn’t know it. It was quite shocking to have to say good bye to my sister. I miss her like crazy…

I took some time to heal and just be…. I went and visited my sweet daughter Sarah in Pennsylvania we did a lot of hiking on the NCR trail which is beautiful… They had their first snow fall the day before Thanksgiving it was so lovely!!!  Its been many years since I have lived in snow, I forgot how peaceful it is to watch the snow fall…

I have lots of new things starting to happen and I am grateful for the many opportunities that are coming my way!!!