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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rainy Lazy Day

We had an unexpected visitor today.. A female Canada Goose!!! So whats so strange about that?? Well in southern California it's just not that usual... She hung around all day and just before dusk a male Canada Goose flew in and then they flew off together!!!! It was as if she was waiting for him to come for her... Of coarse Doodleboy wanted to keep her as a pet..
We found out a few things about what a goose likes to eat and not eat..
 Loved: stawberries, wheat bread and lettuce
Disliked: tofu, crackers and grilled cheese sandwiches
Luckily when the rain stopped he found a caterpillar to "keep" as a pet.. he found a nice safe bush for it to become a beautiful butterfly.. It is so cool to see the world through his eyes.. Everything is so simple so easy and SO amazing:) AND I love every second that I get to share with him:)

Well it's back to work for me lots of things to get ready for my space at Vintage Pleasures in Fillmore and I have 3 shows coming up:)

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