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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


A little Lavender
Sweet Bunny
Happy March!!!
 I know I am a little early with Spring but I just couldn't wait!!! We finally got some very over due rain here in California... I am so thankful but it was a drop in the bucket.. The good news is that my garden has really gone crazy this winter. My sweet peas and rose bushes continue to bloom and my lavender loves the warm dry weather... but we seriously need the rain!!
Lots has been happening at The Sweet Vintage Cottage B and B... I have had a steady stream of guest for the past two months!!! and March is booking quickly.. I got to host a small 50th birthday brunch for a very sweet lady and 6 of her friends.. For whatever reason I totally blanked on taking pictures of the table!!!
My new project is the backyard... The grass is all gone and now I am planning the flower beds. I am debating on putting up a clothesline?? Nothing like sleeping on freshly dried sheets that have been dried in the sunny sea air!!
I was grateful that the rain helped loosing up the dirt in the backyard, we have a very hard clay base here so its not always easy digging:) This project I have taken before pictures!!!
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