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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Beginnings!!!

I love this flower.. Can’t stay closed up you gotta liveJ
It’s been a bit since I have posted… to be very honest I have not been able to find the words… May marked 1 year since my sweet dad passed away… My heart has been so heavy missing him.. Yesterday morning I was sitting in front of my computer getting ready to post on my blog. My darling grandson Max came in and said  Gigi I just had the best dream ever!!! I said really what was it about?? He looked at me and said well Gigi I don’t want to make you cry… I said why would I cry? He said well it was about grandpa and you cry when we talk about him.. So I said oh babe I won’t cry he looks at me a bit skeptical and said ok… grandpa and I were walking through a forest rock hunting and grandpa was telling me a story about a Indian scout.. That was my dad always had a way of pulling you in with a story.. So as Max was telling me about his dream with that sleepiness of just waking up and what a wonderful dream it was for Max I finally got it… I need to be celebrating my dad’s life not mourning… Leave it to a 10 year old to teach me a lesson on living!! So with that said I am off to celebrating my time with my dad and I finally have peace in my heart…
It seems impossible that summer is in full swing… We have still mornings and the slight ocean breeze in the afternoons and the nights are star studded with the sounds of the ocean waves rolling in… I have lots of new treasures coming and my studio is open for business which has been keeping me busy…
I wish you all an amazing Tuesday thank you for stopping by…  

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