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Monday, November 15, 2010

My dad Lenny and I are on our adventure!!! Our first day consisted of 5 hours of driving from Ventura Ca to Laughlin Nevada. He was not to happy because I had him sit in a wheelchair in the hotel loddy to the room.. (which was a very long walk).. The whole time in the wheelchair.. Lenny: honey you treat me like a child.. Me: dad you get tired and then you get unsteady on your feet and then you fall., Lenny: well I can walk, Me: ok dad. ... We went down to the casino... oh and if you have never been to Laughlin.. well it has lets see 6 or 7 casino's/hotels the Colorado River runs between Laughlin and Bull Head City Arizona. Its in the middle of nowhere it is ALWAYS windy and I mean windy like 40 mph winds. In the summer its in the 100's and it feels like a huge blow dryer is on you and in the winter it is freezing cold and a whipping wind!!! It was the half way mark for us to stop:) Plus Lenny got to gamble:) He won $88.50 and I won $150 on the penny machine!! As I wheeled him to the lobby in the morning he said hey this wheelchair isnt so bad.. and that would of been along walk honey:) Your welcome daddyo

Day 2
 consist of us driving and Lenny asking a million times how much longer...:) He says payback from when I was a child:):) Lenny not feeling to well today so I was looking forward to getting to the cabin so he can rest... We are headed to the Cocnino's Mountains by Happy Jack... Hey I am not making up the names... Got to the cabin very cold out it is an amazing cabin.. Friends of ours letting us use it...

Day 3
Well it's still early Lenny still sleeping... We are suppose to go geo and metor hunting.. We'll see how he feels today:) I am hoping to find some wonderful treasures here in Arizona for my shop...

Cheers for now


P.S Lenny did fall coming up the stairs at the cabin:( He has a bad habit of falling usually in a parking lot, side walks, front yard, back yard).. actually he is not too picky as to where he falls..

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  1. Hi Juanita,
    You two are adventurous! My Mother N law loves Laughlin to gamble.She's the tiny little 4'10 Italian Bingo Queen, she goes every weekend! LOL
    I hope your Dad is O.K. poor guy..but he keeps going, thats a strong welled man that doesn't want to sit around and watch his days go by with him playing along. Good for him. I hope you find all kinds of wonderful treasures for you shop..
    Have a safe trip! Elizabeth