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Monday, February 21, 2011

Who makes me smile:)

Whenever life gets a bit challenging I spend some time with my doodlebug Max my darling grandson:)
Speaking of challenging  February has been a bit challenging on a few fronts!!
 The weather has not cooperated for two shows I did... Down pour is an understatement!!!
Then my beautiful blog went away?? Still trying to find it and reinstall so I am using this template for now, then my cell phone of 3 years betrayed me and died.. The worst my poor Lenny fell going out to the front porch.. well he fell off the porch and refused to go to the doctor for 10 days. I finally tricked him into going to the doctors and he has fractured his shoulder and his upper arm!!! We go to the orthopedic tomorrow to see what can and needs to be done...

I have a show coming up on March 5th,  I have been busy finding new treasures, painting and sewing.. It's The Little french Flea Market in Trazana Ca.It is my favorite show to do. It is set in a sweet garden with a pond that is home to the largest Koi I have ever seen!!! Say a prayer for no rain on March 5th!!

I will be posting pictures in the next few days of the wonder new treasures I have found..
Have a great week


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  1. That doodlebug is just darling and yes the grands always put a smile on my face! I hope that March 5th is just the perfect day for an outdoor sale and it will be, you see now you have had all this time to gather and blow it all out March 5th! Hope I can get out there. oxox, Diane