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Thursday, July 7, 2011


Lucky us....

Lucky me....
I have to say that I truly live in a very beautiful town!!! Our sunset was beyond
words tonight!!! Maxie and I took a sunset trip to the beach and this is what we got!!! Max said "boy Gigi God can sure paint good" That doodleboy:) This is part of my "Vision Quest" spending more time looking for sandcrabs, exploring the jetties looking for starfish with Max...

In April I said I am on my "Vision Quest" for what does being 50 really mean.. Where do I go from here... I have gotten many emails from old friends and  new blogger friends expressing what 50 meant to them.. I would say 100% said that is when they started living their lives for themselves!!! Taking the time to enjoy things that make them happy... I really thought about what makes me happy and I mean really really happy... you know that feeling in your tummy happiness??? Well of coarse my Maxie is right up on that list... But that is such a no brainer... I am a little bias:) I started to write down what makes me happy and the list was over 100 things!!!!

Part of the my quest is knowing when something doesn't make me  happy and I have learned in the last month that it's ok to change it and that made me really happy:) Life has a funny way of just going on... either you are aware or you are just bumping along... and I realized at times I have been just bumping along... So this whole turning 50 thing is actually helping me figure some things out making some changes and seriously loving my life!!!!

Cheers for now...


  1. Beautifully said! A wonderful pic of Max to treasure as he gets older!


  2. Hi Girly!! Nice pics! beautiful sunset! Turning 50 really does make you start to change things in your life!! (it sure did for me)
    I would love to see more of your beautiful necklaces...or maybe you can put together a "lot" for me (around the 7to 10$ price range) Thanks, kathee

    see you soon
    you can email me a forty4caliber@yahoo.com