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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sweet Summer

Roses and Liliacs
from my garden

Seems impossible that August is just a day away!!! where does the time go???
I am just about settled into my new spot in American Home and Garden, my space is slowly getting to where I want it... Good news is as soon as I bring a piece of furniture in it sells:) Two times I do not even have the item off the dolly and it has been bought!! The other part to this "good news" is that I get go hunt for more wonderful treasures for my sweet clients! A win win for me:)
I am going to go to New Hampshire to see my little sissy and to treasure hunt..

My soap making is coming along, I wish I could share the smell of the lavender.. Sooo amazing... Very yummy. I am working on the packaging now I promise to share photos soon...

My dear sweet friend Rose recommended a book for me to read, "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp on the cover it says
"A dare to LIVE FULLY right where you are" As you know I am on my Vision Quest and a big part of that has been learning to enjoy my life to live more fully to be more in the moment... to just be.. THIS is what this book is about!!! I am about half way through funny how things just turn up... It is also about grace how does one have grace when so many terrible things happen in the world, in ones own life?? She talks about by hurrying up and getting more things done that you are saving time but really you are losing time because you are not in the moment.. you are losing precious minutes.. Makes you think...

Have a wonderful Sunday


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  1. Hi Juanita!
    I sent you an email but it might have gone to spam... I just wanted to let you know how nice it was to meet you, I had a great time having you as our neighbor at the VMP!
    Hope all is well with you! karen....