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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Alfalfa field Central Valley Ca
A beautiful American flag on the side of a barn
BEST chocolate shake EVER!!!!

I recently went on a little picking trip to the Central Valley here in Calif.... When I was a little girl we lived in a small town Los Banos, my dad was working on the dam there... It is small farming town that on one side is surrounded by the coastal mountain range just over the hill.... well a little more than just but there is the beautiful city of Monterey (one of my most favorite areas ever).. Then to the east are the ever so amazing Sierra's mountains....

The fields are filled with tomato's, melons, cotton and alfalfa among many other crops.. it really is a beautiful sight... The main street is like going back a decade or 3 in a good way:) The corner Rexall Drug store still has a lunch counter that has THE BEST CHOCOLATE SHAKES EVER!!!! I have so many wonderful memories here... My grandparents lived about 30 minutes away in little bit larger town Turlock... here in Turlock we would spend afternoons in the garage taking turns turning the ice cream maker handle... for hours it seemed.. My grandmother would slice up fresh picked peaches or strawberries and we would put them in the ice cream uuuumm sooo good...

It was such a simple time.... fishing with my dad on the canal banks, rock hunting in the foothills or a trip over the hill to Monterey... My brother and I would ride our bikes for hours out in the country we would pack a lunch and be gone the entire day... We would collect soda bottles and cash them in and buy ridicules amounts of candy:) We played kickball in the front yard and caught craw daddy's..

Sorry I got strolling down memory lane... the reason I went was to look for treasures and let me just say treasures I did find!!! I will post the pictures of my sweet finds very soon...

The Little french Flea Market is this Saturday in Tarzana... can't wait!!!




  1. Oh my! Where are these chocolate shakes? Must find them! We just got back from Morro Bay today! Loved it and we came back to almost coast like temperatures. Only going to be 89 tomorrow! That's amazing in July!

  2. Loved the little stroll down Memory Lane. Making homemade ice cream will always be a special childhood memory.

    1. Dear Art and Sand,

      Thank you for your reply:)
      I agree homemade ice cream will always hold special memories...