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Friday, August 24, 2012


My sweet garden angel

My quiet time in the morning

My new must haves!!!
Mornings are one of my favorite times, its quiet and a lovely stillness surrounds me..
 I always go out to my garden pull a weed or two maybe plant a new pretty
 or just sit drink my tea, listen to the quiet and just be....
 Sometimes when my days are in full swing and
 its crazy and fast I remind myself to go back to that morning in
 my garden and remember to just be:)
Seems impossible that over a month has pasted since my last posting...
Its been a busy summer beach days with my Maxie:)
 Time with my Lenny he turned 80 in July!!
and lots of wonderful picking trips...
Picking trips brings me to my newest MUST haves!!! I love love pitchers, coffee pots (with or without lids) or creamers of any size. Even if they are a little chippy that's ok they can still hold a bouquet of flowers or be used on your desk or in your powder room... I use them to take a bouquet of flowers to a friend for a birthday or just for a I love you friend...
 They are one of my must haves for fall!!! 
I have been working hard on my new studio its just about finished.. Pathway from the front yard to the backyard with the new entrance is just about completed, waiting for the new gate I can not wait to have visitors!!! So if you are ever in my neck of the woods you have to stop by:)
Have a wonderful Friday and weekend..
as always thank you for taking the time and stopping by...

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  1. Can't wait to see your studio.It's so nice to have a special area to create (and leave the mess if you need too..smile..) I love the cream pitchers too,I tend to go for the german and english ones.Warm Blessings!~Amy