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Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter!!!

                                           Like I said before I love these vintage postcards!!!!
                                                                My spring mantle
                             When I bought these chicks my sister was like really you need more
                                           spring decorations and I was like OF COARSE!!!

                                                 A vintage chick peeking out... soo sweet

                   I love spring and what it means.. A new start, for me its the start of the new year...
       The years I lived back east when the snow started to melt the green grass was poking up I started my hunt for the first crocus... I loved seeing the purple and yellow crocus making their way up from their long winter sleep... I knew when I saw the first one that warmer days were just weeks away... I had planted 20 bulbs year 1 by year 3 I had over a hundred coming  up all over my 1/4 acre front yard.. My neighbor told me that the gophers were the blame because they moved them everywhere.. Whatever was spreading them my yard was beautiful.. Thinking back now I wish I had taken pictures...Spring is always such an event after a long cold winter!!!

I found 3 bags of vintage Easter basket grass a few years ago and I have used it over and over.. The purple and blue large eggs I glittered.. My poor Lenny had glitter all over him for days:) I glitter in the backyard and because of the afternoon ocean breeze I have no control over the glitter:)

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!!!



  1. Hi Amy,

    Happy Easter to you!!! I hope you start feeling better I have had the same problem and it is horrible!!!
    feel better soon:)

  2. Afternoon, wonderful Spring time goodies you have, love the sweet little chicks.....Can't wait for the first flowers of Spring, Easter Blessings Francine.