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Monday, July 20, 2015

Meet Miss Ann part 1 of 3

Miss Ann

I would like you meet Miss Ann… In my travels of hunting for the wonderful lovelies that I find I get to meet a lot of amazing people usually women and Miss Ann Is one of them..

She is just shy of 98 years young and she still has a vintage store that she runs next to her home. She is located in a small town, Los Banos Ca. I met Miss Ann about 3 years ago on a very hot summers day. Los Banos is located in the Central Valley of California. Usually within the first 20 minutes I get use to the smell of the dairy farms. It’s a quaint little farming town nestled between the coastal mountain range and the Sierras. The fields are planted with alfalfa, tomato’s, cotton and corn. Almond and walnut orchards are just a few of the orchards. In the spring there is a Trail Of Blooms to follow throughout the valley… The San Joaquin Valley has a special beauty to it…

Miss Ann and her husband Charlie moved to Ca because of the dust bowl, they had heard California had water!!! Her father moved with them, her mother passed away at a very young age. When she spoke of her father she started to cry she said he was the most wonderful man aside from her husband Charlie. It was so sweet to see and feel her love for both her husband and father… Miss Ann and Charlie had 2 boys one lives in Colorado and one lives close by.

Miss Ann started her vintage busy by necessity… more to follow in part 2!!!
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