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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sweet Nature

I went out to my garden to take a picture of my garden and all of a sudden I heard the
humming of a Hummingbird. I hope you all can see the refection of the Hummingbird on my bird feeder.
It was a perfect split second, after I took the picture the Hummingbird came right up to me as to say did
you get the picture?? It is one of those moments that do not always come along when you have a camera:)

Today has been very cool and overcast with an occasional sprinkle.... Not good at all for all the painting
I have to do before next Saturday!!!! It is so damp out I might have to start painting my sweet little
treasures in the family room..... Its coming down to crunch time for the The Little French Flea Market!!
Last Saturday it was so hot that it was too hot to paint!!! Such odd weather for my sweet little town
by the seashore!!

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