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Friday, November 25, 2011


A look at our Thanksgiving brunch....
So thankful

We only get to see this beauty when the tide is out
Again so thankful....

Thanksgiving morning

REALLY.... these colors are amazing!!!
Again only when the tide is out do we get to experience this nature....

My Thanksgiving morning started with a brunch at home it was suppose to be just
a small thing but I never seem to be able to cook/bake small:) Then my sweet daughter Sarah her boyfriend Zach and I took a stroll on the sand. It was an amazing day looked like maybe rain but nothing ever happened.... The tide was way way out and we explored one of the jetties and this is what we found!!! I love the contrast between the sea grass and the starfish I think the colors are amazing!!! Well so I thought and then I found this purple and aqua contrast... SOOOO YUMMY!!!
WOW I am so thankful for nature!!!

The china I use is from my childhood. It was my grandmothers Juanita... I was very close to my grandmother, I still can smell her home how warm and inviting it always was:) I was in my mid 40's when she passed away I remember friends would say.. you still have a grandparent alive??? I had never really thought of it, it just seemed so natural to have her... She taught me so many things and showed me how to live with grace and dignity and still have fun... I am so thankful for all the time I had with her... I have some of her Halloween decorations and Christmas, they always bring a smile to my heart...  I know she is where I learned about charity and how helping others is so important, because of her I volunteer with hospice... I am thankful for that. I better move along before I get too teary eyed:)

It has been a year... Unlike any other ( the whole 50 thingy) still stinging a bit:) I am thankful though that I got to turn 50, my time with my doodlebug and with my dad.. The list can can go on and on.. Like all of us have we have many people experiences and things to be thankful and grateful for..
I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

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