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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Progress and some pretties:)

                                                                  Primer is finally on
Pink Sparkly Pretties!!!!

So my process is a little slower than expected on this wonderful vintage desk.. Had some
repairs I had to do... Plus the weather hasn't been that co-operative so now I had to move
everything inside and our family room is now my painting studio... Thankfully Hubby and Lenny
are okay with it all:)
To be honest I got a little side tracked........  had a show last week-end and I am getting ready for
The Little French Flea Market coming up March 3rd in Trazana at the Trazana Cultural Center!!!
Then of coarse I glittered this Eiffel Tower plus a few other things:) Love glitter... Poor Lenny always
has glitter on his face or clothes:) he never complains he is a good egg that Lenny:)
My next post my wonderful vintage desk will be finished plus some more glittered
Spring/Easter pretties OOOHHH and some wonderful cement animals I found down by San Diego last week... oh yeah I forgot went to San Diego to visit my sweet daughter Sarah in here new place there and I got to shop for more sweet goodies for my online store items being posted as I type!!!



  1. Hi Juanita,
    Hugs to you...so happy you found me so I could find your sweet blog! I'm in love with that beautiful vintage desk...you did a beautiful job on it!
    Hoping to see you again soon and wishing you a great show in March...but will miss you at The Vintage Marketplace!! Maybe
    at Ventura in April...I'll be there (shopping) yay!!!! I love that Flea...think it's my fav.
    Take care,

    1. Hi Debbie,
      I was sooo happy to find your blog!!! I love love your lovely treasures!!!
      I am so bummed that I will not be at The Vintage Marketplace next time for sure!!!
      I will look for you in April can't wait to see you:)

  2. You have been so busy..I love the vintage desk its really pretty..My niece lives in San Diego and my daughter went to school there for awhile. I love the warm weather there and being so close to the beach.
    I look forward to seeing your beautiful desk done...I know its going to sparkle..
    Hugs, Elizabeth

    1. Thank you Elizabeth:) I am very fortunate to live where I do:) Where do you live?? My desk is just about done... Trying to decide on the drawer knobs.. I am going to post pics and take a vote:)