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Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Challenge!!!

I am sooo sorry that its been so long that I have posted on my sweet blog.... I have had serious bloggers block!!! Thankfully my "block" is gone all because of the above picture:) This is a curb find by my friend Kim...
 All I can say is WOW I do love a challenge!!!! This will be one big challenge:) but I am up for it!!
I have an idea of what color and my choice of knobs already I will keep you posted on the "makeover" of this lovely piece of furniture that is very sturdy and has A LOT of life left in it!!! Just needs a little love.... ok maybe a lot of love.... Would love to hear your thoughts on what the black lines are suppose to be??? To me they kinda looks like tire marks???

I made a upside down pineapple cake ALL from scratch last night... I was going to take a picture but good ole Lenny took a piece (huge) of it before I could take a picture of it... Lenny  Lenny Lenny!!!! To try and get out of trouble he was like honey this is the best cake EVER you should enter it into a contest you would win... good try Lenny:)

Spring is trying to make an entrance here in our sweet little beach town... "trying" being the word.. I am having to paint inside due to the rain and it being sooo chilly out... My next show is in May at the Little French Flea Market... Cant wait!!! one of my most favorite shows!!! check back by to see the process of my yellow wonder:)

Thanks for stopping by today:) I hope everyone has a fantastic day!!!


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