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Monday, May 14, 2012


a moment of silence please....

Have you ever had "One of those days" I mean really really one of those days??? Well I experienced
 one of "those" days today.... Above is a picture of my beloved Rachel Ashwell duvet... that has met its end as a duvet:( My son had gotten it out of the loft for me yesterday as I was going to change out my bedroom duvet.... I love love this pattern... Plus there is a story behind it...

Several years ago I was very ill and had to be in bed for awhile... One day my sweet hubby asked what would make you feel better and in a magazine I had on the bed I pointed to this beautiful bedroom and I said this... So a few days later we drove to Rachel Ashwells store in Malibu and I got whatever I wanted.. My hubby jokingly said a trip to Hawaii would of been cheaper:) ok on to today..

Lenny apparently was cold (70+ degrees outside) turned on the heater in my studio the bag with duvet was next to the heater and the rest is history... A we never use that heater B REALLY!!!! It was burned through and through ... Lenny felt very bad... So this after it took me 1 hour to clean the stove top because Lenny made his famous stuffed cabbage... 1HOUR!!! So as if that's not a enough as I drove around today I thought wow the car smells really good, my son gets in the car and said wow mom something smells really good in here... I get home went to get something out of the back and guess what??? A whole container of Tide detergent had opened and yes it was everywhere...

Looking forward to going to bed:) Tomorrow will be fantastic.....


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  1. When I have one of those days I tell myself it is better to have all the bad at one time instead of a little every day. Hope today runs smoothly.