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Monday, September 6, 2010


Labor Day marks the "official end of summer" though here in
my lovely little corner of the world
begins 2 months of warm sunny beach days. The tourist
have all gone home and our sleepy little beach town gets a little less crowded.
Life seems to slow down a little bit more.......

Here are some of the items that will be on my website, which by the
way is only 3 days away from going online!!!!!!
I am carrying many different items, something for everyone..

The card line I carry is from Papaya Art, their cards are so sweet and
they have a little sparkle!!! Then there are my little birds,
I love love these darling little birds!! They are  vintage and many of them
are  made in Germany, then there are the little rose placecard
holders, again one of my many

The jewelry I have on displayed is all handcrafted by a local artist... I have
lots and lots of silver flatware that is a bit of this and a bit of that, I don't
think that everything has to match:) 

These are just a few of the "Goodies" stay tuned for more.......


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  1. Looks sweet! Looking forward to seeing your shop up and running.