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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sweet Sweet Peas

One of my most favorite flower is the Sweet Pea, the colors, the scent .... are just so perfect!!! These will be the last of the season, I had found an old seed pack and just threw them out and was very pleased when I saw them blooming... and surprised since we have had a very cool summer.  My sweet little grandson Maxie was so thrilled when we found the flowers.. He has helped grow some very large zucchinis and his pumpkin's are coming along very nicely!! When the pumkins were still very small we scratched his name on them and as the pumkin grows so does  his name, he is actually very amazed by this:)

My little blue knobby glass pitcher is perfect for a few of the Sweet Pea's, they brighten up a room. And of coarse I have my sweet little birds... Which by the way if you didn't know it I love love little birds and SPARKLES!!! I found this huge jar of German glass glitter and I am parting with some of it. I found these darling salt and pepper shakers and I thought what could be more perfect for my glitter!!!

The 17th of September is just a few days away and I am working hard to get my online shop up and running!!!

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